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Alden Copley Last

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Guys, what is the Copley last like? I haven't been able to scare up any intel on this one.


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Actually I was asking the same question, in the process of choosing my first pair of Aldens. I put the question to Sherman Brothers, and got a pretty good answer. It might be more helpful to you if you know the Hampton last already:

Sorry to take so long to respond to your inquiry. The Hampton last is the original and current last and the one shown in our picture of the shoe. For a while, Alden offered this style also on the Copley last, which was a little broader in the toe. Visually it was hard to tell the difference between the two. Because it is confusing, Alden has decided to phase out any of the Copley lasted versions of this style. We are removing this copy from our site. If you are interested in seeing if your size is still available, just let us know and we'll check the availability. In the mean time, Alden still makes all of their Flex-Welt styles on the Copley last. The 9571F and the 9694F are a few examples of these. Here are links to these:
Let us know if we can provide any other assistance.

Seems like really nice answer/ customer service.
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Copley:think Aberdeen with more room in the toe box.
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Well said.

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