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Super Glossy Leather Shoess Question

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I don't know what the style is called however I have seen that a number of shoes brands have atleast one style of shoe in their range where the leather looks like its super glossy and made of synthetic.

Wanted to know where and in what context do you wear such shoes without looking like a pimp? I have provided an example below

Also what do they do to get the shoes that glossy?

A side question I have and ignore my ignorance, are the soles on Bally shoes typically meant to be stiched or glued? On some of their shoes I can clearly see the stitching but others not? I assume a stiched sole is a sign of greater craftsmanship ?

I am looking for a nice black pair of shoes to wear out however nothing I have seen in person has grabbed me yet


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I think these are formal wear shoes only. Perfect with a tuxedo. Others are far more able to answer the rest of your query as well as improve upon what I've attempted.
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They're made of patent leather. You mean the brand Bally? Do some reading on goodyear welting on this site (the search function is your friend). Consider Santoni, Crockett & Jones or SF Tremazza at that price point. For wearing out, why not get a regular pair of black shoes and polish them? They won't be as shiny as patent leather, but they'll be more appropriate if you're not wearing formal dress. Try the Ralph Lauren Purple Label Grants for a black shoe you can wear out - they're fairly popular around here.
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Yeah, patent leather. They are pretty much reserved for formal or semi-formal occasions. What confuses me is that they are bluchers, but surely a balmoral is more formal, and thus more fitting for a patent leather shoe?

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Patents are traditionally for formal wear, but over the last year or so a number of designers have been using them in what is undeniably casual wear and often in some eccentric colours. Personally I don't much like that look, but can theoretically see how it can be pulled off, if your overall style can be adapted to it.

Going by the conventions though, yes, patent leather is for formal shoes, preferably as simply styled as possible.
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