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My favorite cufflinks - cuffthis, I have been meaning to see if you might know anything about these. I got them at a thrift store...:
The first ones are clearly from a member of the Knights Templar - probably spoils of a midnight struggle with the forces of good and evil (aka The Da Vinci Code). I'm sure Opus Dei, The Church, and any number of secret societies are searching for them - and dead men tell no tales It's been nice knowing you
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That's what I tell people when they ask, actually. At least they aren't Nazi cufflinks, I wasn't sure. Thanks for the info, cuffthis.
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i like all the simple enamel and guilloche pairs..i have been bidding these types on ebay..have bought some but missed many..hope i'm not competing with u cuffthis
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Second row down, second from left - great links.
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Not mine, but these are a stunning example of Art Deco links.
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i just won there on ebay..any coments?thanks
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i just won there on ebay..any coments?thanks
If no damage to the enamel, you got these at a very good price. 2 color base metal vintage enamel pairs aften go for over $100. If enamel is damaged, you did not get a bargain.
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thanks cuff..i haven't received them yet;but seller describes enamel as in good condition..if they look ok to naked eye and are very wearable i'll be satified..still nicer than what one buys new today at far greater cost..anyway, i'm still learning and haven't gotten a jeweler's loupe yet
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My most recent purchase on Ebay. This is a pair I've never seen in my 15 years of collecting.
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Very interesting. Looks like the lion symbol of Mark the Evangelist. I wonder if there's a set with symbols of all four evangelists, one on each side.
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Cuffthis, Do you have any Georg Jensen in your collection? When I used to work in an auction house I became familiar with his silver mostly flatware and some jewelry. I always search on ebay for the cufflinks but they are out of my pricerange. The seashells are my favorite. [quote]Second row down, second from left - great links. AHarris, you have great taste. Those are my favorites as well. They immediately caught my eye.
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Love both the nuts and bolts. Great collection.
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I like these cufflinks very much.  They are not vintage, but come from Shanghai Tang in Hong Kong.  Also, they are not double sided--many believe that is tasteless--nevertheless I like them.  (Image taken form
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Originally Posted by j View Post
Here is a much better pic of the mark:
j, they are made by Park & Roger. USA make, circa 1920. I don't think the company survived past the 1930s.
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Wow! And 4 years later, he knows the answer.
To the OP, I like the nut/bolt links - very unique.
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