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Pictures of your shoes...

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I've seen many of the Forum member post pictures of the shoes they own, but most of the pictures are when the shoes are new. As many shoes look better with age, I would be interested in seeing some pictures posted of "broken-in" Vass, Alden shell cordovan, EG, C&J Weymouth, etc. Please, I've been days without the Forum and need a shoe-picture fix.
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Bump, bump. Frighteningly, most of my shoes have been acquired over the last three or four years after I moved to NYC/burbs, so I can't provide any great examples. I too, would love to see those fine examples of calfskin that have undergone three or four resolings, and purchased during the the Reagan or Papa Bush administration. Late models will still be accepted, especially if constructed in shell cordovan. Vintage Nike & Converse kicks, a new topic, would also be cool.
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Allen Edmonds "McAllister". Color: "cordovan". Age: "very old".
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I go to the trouble to take a photo of my old shoes and no-one has anything positive or negative to say?
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Tom, they look like they're in great shape, with original heels; not old at all. Did you get them re-crafted by AE?
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They have been recrafted twice.=)
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Great shoes - well maintained. Tom- Looks like you are losing a bit of weight there.
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