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i just bought my first mac a couple of weeks ago and have been using the mouse that came with it. it does not have a right-click function. is there a way around this via the keyboard or do i need a new mouse? i'm referring to the ability to right-click on images to see properties, copy them, etc... tia
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Should you have the misfortune of being stuck with one of those, you can usually access context menus and other things generally accessed via the right mouse button by clicking and holding the mouse button for a half-second or so. dan
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didn't work. any other ideas?
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This has always bothered me about macs. Clinging to a one button mouse after the rest of the world has switched to multi-button ones is perhaps their greatest mistake. I would buy a 3rd party mouse and start enjoying your mac. Context sensitive menus rule. B
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I bought a Logitech laptop mouse so I could have the second button. I'm too used to right-clicking with my PC to give it up. But in the meantime, Ctrl+Click is the same as right clicking. Seen those before, Tokyo. Pretty funny, but I'm going to firmly take the stance that anyone who is bitter enough to make one of those images really does need a life.
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Mac lifer checking in. Right-clicking is overrated.
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