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Probably a gimme question, but I'm unclear about the color of socks to wear with different color slacks. For example, should I generally match the sock color to the pant color or the shoe color? What about tan colored pants - tan socks, black socks, brown socks?
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i think the rule of thumb is to wear the same color as the pants, but a shade darker. use this only as aguide. if you really prefer to where black socks with brown pants, do it. edited for terrible spelling.
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I find it much more interesting to match my shirt. But I'm prejuduced. With business dress, matching trousers is considered more appropriate. Casual dress is different. My rule is match something - but match well. Match shirt, scarf, ascot, pocket square, something. But don't consider that a red-orange matches a red or a brown-grey matches a blue-grey. If you can't match perfectly, be boring and match the pants.
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