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Which socks do people prefer? I know there was a thread on AskAndy but it seems to be unavailable. Paul Stuart stock was mentioned, but I don't recall people's preferences. Also, cotton, merino, blends, cashmere, etc. - what do people prefer and to ask a stupid question - how do you care for (aka wash) the merino/cashmere variety? My experiences have been mixed as I have had some of each (from a variety of brands) that seem to lose their elasticity, etc. after a couple washings. Just interested in people's thoughts. Thanks.
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Sierra Trading Post has been selling Pantherella socks for $7.95 for a while, I've bought a ton and love them.
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Ditto here. I bough 9 pair from Sierra and I'm loving them too. They seem to have plenty of inventory of these Pantherellas...
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I vote for Pantherella--100% cotton. They last for a long time; the elasticity holds up. No drooping socks. I've worn them for years. They are expensive, but if you shop around, you can find some great bargains.
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You know what really seperates the socks into favorites for me? what happens when i wash them (cold water, hang to dry). Brioni-- look great new, decent after washing. wool/ primarily wool socks-- poor after washing, always shrink and misshapen after washing Ben Silver-- slight shrinkage, but decent after washing (especially if mostly cotton) Zegna-- probably the better of the mostly-wool socks, but still a little misshapen Pantharella and Paul Stuart-- best after washing. Possibly due to high cotton content, but most always dry very well. sometimes Paul Stuart toes are made of thinner material, and may be prone to holes faster.
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Is anyone familiar with Punto socks? Does anyone have any idea who makes the Allen Edmonds socks? They have some on Sierra listed as made in England--could they be Pantherellas?
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Where are Pantherella 100% cotton socks available? Those on Sierra Trading Post are a cotton/nylon mix. Thanks.
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pantharella are good (marshall's had a tonne of them on sale recently for $3.99 in detroit area) falke socks i find hold up very well as well for performance related wool socks, wigwam i find are very good, sometimes ugly colours but their merino wool socks hold up well and keep your feet warm
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