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Classico Italia

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To those fashion gurus on conservative-style clothing on this forum Please tell me something about Classico Italia and the labels from this fashion house (or maybe a consortium or whatever else).  I know a few of them, like Kiton, Avon Celli, Belvest, Borrelli and so on, but don't know quite a few of the others.  Since it's going to open a so-called flagship store in my hometown, I guess maybe I should get some knowledge about it.  Thanks.
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Where/what is your hometown?? If you don't mind my asking...
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Harris: According to the January 17th issue of DNR, the Classico Italia will open a concept store in Shanghai, my hometown, later this month. By the way ths Classico Italia is a 23-member assoication, which includes Kiton, Belvest, Avon Celli, Tino Cosma, Brunello Cuccinelli, Stefano Ricci.
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