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Buttons on sleeve of overcoat

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I bought a black Ralph Lauren wool overcoat. It is more of a car coat/town coat I guess as it is not full length. This coat has no buttons on the sleeves. The full length coats had buttons on their sleeves. Is there a rule or something to where short coats don't get buttons. I need to take it to the tailor and have the sleeves shortened. I am thinking about having buttons added. Would you think a coat was strange looking without buttons on the sleeves? Thanks for any advice.
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I would have working buttons added to the sleeves. It will add presence and character to your short coat.
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If it's a car coat, I wouldn't worry about it. Mine doesn't, and I can still sleep at night. If it were a full overcoat, though, sleeve buttons would be a nice detail.
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Thanks for the replies. I have been using the address in my bookmarks and didn't know the forum was still up. The tailor told me there is not enough material to make functional buttons and since non-working buttons seem to bug me lately I decided not to add anything. It is only a knee-length coat so I don't think it will look awkward.
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I just got a DB overcoat that is 3/4 length that doesn't have button either.
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I've noticed that my 3/4-length coats don't have sleeve buttons but all my full-length coats do. That being said, I think it's a matter of personal taste as to whether you have buttons or not.
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