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Since I only have one topcoat, I purchased Charcoal Grey. I needed something that could be worn with both black and brown shoes. The next one I purchase will definitely be black though.
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Since I live in South Florida, and my recent travels abroad were during periods of heat in the perspective countries traveled, and have no real use for an overcoat, I only have one; a Lauren by Ralph Lauren (I hear people cringing) in black wool, SB 3-button with high single vent and flap pockets. I bought it over a year ago and it has yet to be tailored, so you see why I bought something fairly inexpensive, and on sale. I am sure it is completely fused, but I don't care. If I wanted a nice overcoat I would have purchased the Borrelli I saw on the web for close to $900, instead of spending $175 for the RL. Jon.
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I own a black cashmere overcoat, a brownish Harris Tweed overcoat, and a tan wool Storm System raincoat. However, even though I don't own a charcoal grey overcoat, if I were going to own only one, it would be charcoal grey.
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Not only is charcoal grey very versatile, it doesn't show lint as badly as black or navy do.
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I have a black cashmere topcoat and a charcoal wool 3/4 length overcoat. The charcoal wool is far more versatile, but less dressy. Now that I have the option (the topcoat was a recent purchase), I am unlikely to wear the overcoat with a suit or sportcoat. All in, I enjoy the black topcoat more, but appreciate and need the versatility of the charcoal overcoat more often.
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A long black overcoat is much more evocative and fun than a grey one. I have an amazing black overcoat that I love. Exceptionally long - it falls to mid calf - double breasted with leather buttons, a wool cashmere blend with a bright bottle green lining and it's completely hand made. It's also stunningly warm: the lining is not muslin or some such but polar fleece. Walking around in it I feel like a really hip ghost. It never occurred to me to worry about matching the coat and the shoes. My second overcoat will be camel hair, when I get it.
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Does anyone here wear their black overcoat with brown shoes?
At times I do, but my wife always yells at me when she sees the black overcoat, brown shoe outfit.
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I just bought a 100% wool RL blue label (I know, I know) very long cut, DB, black overcoat. The top is cut like a peak coat, so you can turn the collar up and keep it there by buttoning the lapel across your chest. This makes it really warm, which is great for Boston weather. The fact that the coat weighs a ton probably also helps with the warm factor. It only came in black, but was warm and has a very nice shape (pinched waist). I would have prefered charcoal because the black picks up lint very easily, but I do enjoy the drama of straight black. Lastly, I think black coats with brown shoes are fine. I think black and brown can actually be a very classy combination -boston
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