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Bad news about Winslow... I would probably go with Oakland's D...
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Team 1: (4-3)
Warner (Schaub)
Plax, Moss, Randel El (Chambers, Royal)
LT, Thomas Jones (McFadden)
Clark (Cooley)

Team 2 (3-4)
Warner (Favre)
Fitzgerald, Coles, Bruce (Toomer, Engram)
Portis, Rhodes (Moore, Julius Jones)
GB (Ari)

Seriously I feel like I should be crushing both leagues. This is ridiculous. Fucking underachievers.
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in poker we say that variance evens out in the long run...well the long run in FF is the NFL season, which it turns out, isnt very long. Slaton (CIN) chris Johnson (IND) MJD (CLE) jamal Lewis (JAC) pick 2...pretty sure johnson vs indy is a no-brainer. my #s right now are leaning towards Lewis but MJD is looking like a very strong play too
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Start Slaton and CJ. I'm forced to start Lewis vs. Jax and am not liking it at all. Yes, I'm not happy about Winslow being out for this week. Win some, you lose some. As for your teams? they're not THAT bad. If you can take a lesson from mjk and trade LT for AP you'd be doing great. I'm not a fan of your backs in team 1, your receivers in team 2, your entire benches, and K/D. I'd scope out the wire to see what you can find. You might also want to trade Randy Moss after his game last week No reason to carry more than 1 TE and D unless there's a bye week this week. I'm struggling to even see how your drafts went.
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Slim, that's the thing, as long as you win each week by a fraction of a point and gear your teams up for the playoffs, you can kick some butt in Fantasy Football. in my 16 team league I'm tied for first at 6-1 with one other team who's assured a loss this week. My only loss was a cheap one last week to a team of bye week scrubs (again, that's why we play the games). The 5th place team (commish) is outscoring me by 24 this year. I'm alone in 1st at 6-0 in one ten team league and lead the scoring by one point this season. The other 10 team I'm 3-4 in 6th place and lacking in points. The difference? Chad Johnson. Yes, these 2 teams are THAT similar. Glad to hear that you're enjoying these games just as much as me. It's a great escape!
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
I find it hilarious that all four of us currently "tied" for second place at 5-2 have more points than the person atop the leaderboard at 6-1. Gotta love that guy who inspires everyone to have their worst week while playing him.

I read this and I . Second-highest scoring team in SF sits at 2-5?? I can understand losing close games, but between this league and my friends' league I've lost four games by 10 total points. I have a reputation for winning close, so maybe this is my "adjustment" year.

Anyway, in another league I just moved Derrick Mason, Ryan Grant, and Deuce for Frank Gore. 3 WR/2 RB/1 flex PPR league, and I had (before trade):

WR - S. Moss, Boldin, Colston, Driver, Mason
RB - Slaton, Addai, Portis, Grant, McFadden, McAllister

Made the move to upgrade my starters, and I like the RB in a Martz offense. Also, I can say I had Slaton, Gore, Addai, and Portis as my RBs this year. Might move Portis for some depth or playoff starters.
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I will luck out this week. The guy I am facing has a lot of packers and vikings on his team to start off with. He also has Romo, S. Morris & Holmes who are all out. Unless he drops some pretty good players like Grant, Driver, Berrian, Orton, etc he will be without a rb, wr & qb. I better win this week...
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sounds like you have nothing to worry about, good luck though. this week i face 1 of 3 other 4-3 teams...so hopefully i can pull this one out.
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riding my fabulous rookies, slaton and johnson, all the way to week 17 so i decided to go with slaton/gore in my $ league instead of johnson/gore. only reason i changed is because im going to the texans game tomorrow!! sister got tickets from her firm, 50yd line, 4th row in the closest section. gonna be sick. what to wear to texans game? hmmmm any suggestions? i dont have a texans shirt but can kop if needed
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Which 2 RBs should I start? LT, Thomas Jones, McGahee.

Which 1 RB should I start (Portis is my other starting back)? Kevin Faulk, Mewelde Moore, Julius Jones.

Also, Favre vs. Warner or Warner vs. Schaub?
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LT and TJ i guess faulk though i dont like it. moore isnt bad but u saw gore vs the GMEn last week so... what are u asking on the qb question lol...just go with warner if u have a choice
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Wow, what a day, with 7 starters out (yes, SEVEN) I won! Cassel for Cutler Welker Avery for Marshall Morgan for Holmes Slaton Benjarvus Green-Ellis for AP Kris Brown for Matt Prater Oakland for Chicago. Going to be a very interesting week to see if I get back all those strong bench players I dropped for replacements this week. 1. Would you pick up Santonio Holmes again? 2. What is your prognosis on Josh Morgan, was today just a bad week because of the injury? 3. Can Bulger's arm survive the whole season to make Donnie Avery worthwhile? 4. Winslow, Scheffler, or Greg Olsen? I'm thinking I might just grab Kyle Orton's security blanket and avoid the drama. 5. Is it time to trade Jamal Lewis, and who could he demand in a trade? thx.
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6. Darren Sproles: it looks like LT is healthy, is he still worth a pickup?
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I probably pulled the greatest Managerial coup of my fantasy career. I learned that Plax was getting benched this week (though it really just meant that he wasn't starting), so I had to take him out of my starting lineup, but by other two receivers were on bye. Instead of starting Warner, I had already decided started Schaub. And so out of desperation, I dropped the sexy pick of the week, McGahee, and added Kevin Walter TWENTY MINUTES BEFORE KICKOFF. Two Schaub-Walter connections later....WINNER!

By the way, this has been an absolute perfect weekend of football for me, two in a row. The Skins won, UVA won, and I won both Fantasy matches, one of which had a $50 bet.
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1. no in most cases. def. not in a flex league 2. i would never start him, even moreso now with JTO getting benched 3. most def. the offense is still not living up to its potential. grossly underperformed through the first half of the season. 4. unless its gates, witten, tony g., who cares lol...i guess winslow though. 5. NONONO hold on to lewis. bet everything u own he get 20-25 carries a game at right around 4ypc. he will be the "mr consistant" for the 2nd half of the season. 6. only if u have an unused spot. pretty much banking on LT to get hurt with that. better specularoty(?) pickups imo.
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