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That's what I think. I can't get myself to sit Moss. Bush's knee is a little banged up, so maybe I will go with three wideouts...
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Originally Posted by phreak View Post
i believe any reasoning that sits moss vs denver on monday night is flawed

Ugh, you're right. I can see the logic behind Moss/Cotchery, since Colston might not be at game speed. But Colston is Brees's favorite target...and he's got noone else...
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Moore has done really well. If he started the whole year, he would easily be a top 10 receiver...
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im leaning towards moss and colston now. colston has been hard at practice for the past week and a half, i really dont think he will miss a step. also that NO offense just moves the ball so well, i dont see them under 21pts this week. breese will have 300yards; they have to go to someone, might as well be their best reciever... i really dont think you can do too bad with any of the three, but Moss/colston imo are a slightly better play.
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I just got offered AP for LT! I have to take this right?
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wait until after this week, one more week of info would be very helpful in this case/ slaton, chris johnson, gore, rhodes(not rhodes)............pick two
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I already accepted it. It was closer than I thought it would be, but LT numbers are inflated from a 42 yard run during the last minute of a win in Oakland and then in the last game he caught a 20 yard pass during scrub time against New England. That is at least 15 points there. Also, I wasn't as concerned about his toe as to his involvement with the offense. He isn't nearly as involved in the passing game. The schedule is about the same. Maybe give a slight edge to Peterson. The most impressing thing to me was Peterson put up really good numbers on the road against the top D in the league and they having a legitimate passing game now... Gore is a never sit and I would give a slight edge to Slaton only because the Chiefs have a big home field advantage and even though the Lions held the Vikings to 12 points (i think) AP still had over 100yds rushing and should of had at least one touchdown if he didn't fumble. Also the over/under on the Chiefs game is 35 and the over/under on the Lions game is 47.
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I like the idea of using over/unders and spreads to figure out who I should sit/start. I'm gonna try that out moving forward.
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does anyone like holt over T.O. or Colston this week? holt hasnt done shit this year but this is probably his best MU of the season against a fuked up Dallas secondary.
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What a bad day for me. The Saints sucked and Bush is gone for a month. I am really, really happy about getting AP though. He looked great and LT looked like LT...
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Sell high on Portis, people. Next week vs. DET is his final easy matchup of the season. He's also got a bad fantasy playoff schedule.
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that a baby randy. lets use tonight to get this season back on track. this is the first week of the season that i exceeded expectation/projection. it feels good.
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I want to think that way too, but Cassell really didn't have that great of a game. Denver is just really bad on defense. I am thinking of selling high on Moss, but I don't think I could get anyone with comparable upside...
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That's a great pickup for you mjk, and getting AP for LT is well worth a loss, if you have to take one, IMO. Q: bye week hell with Cutler, Peterson, Marshall, Prater, Chicago on byes. I've got Cassel, who seems to be on a bit of a roll lately. I've picked up Kris Brown, who seems to be best of bunch of kickers available. Starting Jamal Lewis vs. Jacksonville for AP. Dropping Malcom Floyd for Josh Morgan to replace Marshall. Winslow starting at TE for rest of the year, as I've dropped Scheffler. D: Oakland vs. Baltimore, or Arizona vs. Carolina?
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Barely squeaked by with a win this week in a stinker/bye week matchup in my money league.

67.36 to 61.44

Made some mistakes. Started Peyton Manning instead of O'Sully. Started Antonio Gates instead of Owen Daniels. Started the Saints D (waiver pickup for bye week Eagles) instead of starting no D. (-1 point! Solid!)

Still, my record is 6-1-0

In my work league I lost to the first place team. Which sucks, cause he on the whole, had a crap week. He got only 37.24 points from his QB, WR, WR, RB, TE, and K positions. Unfortunately for me he also got 101.38 points from his other RB, FLEX, and DEF.

Damn you Steven Jackson, LenDale White, and NYG.

I lost 121.92 to 138.62. I am in third place in that league, but with a tenuous 4-3 record. I feel like that league is the NFC West of Fantasy Football.

That brings us to the SF league where I destroyed some poor unfortunate last place soul 130.20 to 81.12 on the strength of my faith in/hope for Jake Delhomme's reconstructed elbow, My last minute waiver plug-in of Sammie Morris, the Ballsy running of Clinton Portis, speedy feet of Wes Welker, the foot of Ryan Longwell, and Da Bears D. I got no help from T.O., Plax, or Cooley this week.

Technically I am in fifth place. Though record-wise there are four of us with the same wins and losses, and all it takes is one week to turn spots 2-7 upside down. Good news for Steve.

I find it hilarious that all four of us currently "tied" for second place at 5-2 have more points than the person atop the leaderboard at 6-1. Gotta love that guy who inspires everyone to have their worst week while playing him.

Fantasy football, and football in general is pretty much the only thing that gets my mind off the things that hurt. Thanks for playing everyone!
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