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Originally Posted by phreak View Post
ronnie brown too. pretty sure hes the best fantasy player of all time, no exceptions. i just realized i have played him in the last 3 games miami has had, IN THE SAME LEAGUE WTF!! /rant

I'm a Fins fan, so yeah I'd agree with this.

Anyway Slim make that trade. The Colts' guys have been great buy-low candidates, but Peyton sounds comfortable again (he said that, before this Sunday, he felt like he was in preseason) and that O-line will only mend with time.

Also: Housh actually has some rapport with Fitzpatrick, it seems.
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Ok, I am thinking way ahead here, but I think I should look into playoff strategy since I pretty much assured of a playoff spot unless something disastrous happens. Like I said before, I have a lot of saints players which is boding very well for me this year. In the fantasy playoffs the saints would face the Falcons at home (really good), the Bears on the road (not good) and then the Lions at home (Grrrrrreat). I am worried about that game against the Bears and was wondering if I should try and shop Reggie Bush. The saints play quite a few bad defenses in the remainder of their schedule, so I still think Bush is going to be excellent and still be in the top 4 in fantasy points at the end of the year.

But should I make a play at maybe Addai or Jackson? Jackson faces much tougher defenses the rest of the way but faces Seattle in week 15 and Addai has an easier road and faces the Bengals and Lions in week 14 & 15.

Should I even be worried about this?
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Manning and Housh are mine. I ended up giving him my 4th string WR (Lee Evans) for the sake of trade parity. I didnt really want to drop anyone... I still think i got the better end of that deal.
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Should I even be worried about this?
y not...come up with the best possible team for the playoffs if you think you are a shoe in for them http://sports.yahoo.com/fantasy/nfl/...-skinny_101308 just stumbled across this article...not really that insightful but kinda related
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Who to play along side Cotchery? Moss, Colston, Royal or Moore? I really don't know about this one. I would be leaning toward Colston, but it might be best to wait to see how things go his first game back. Bailey will be on Moss, but he has been smoked deep more than a couple times this year...
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i would def. give the nod to moss. also colston, that offense is just too hot right now not to put him in there. pretty sure hes been practicing the last week and change with them anyway.
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deshaun jackson for chris johnson? my other WR's are marshall, T.O., Colston, Bruce(3 play) other rbs are gore slaton, rhodes (2 play) no brainer right?
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Yeah. If Brown or Curtis stay healthy Jackson will be a number #2 and if they both were healthy... wait nevermind... So, do you think I should play Cotchery? Do I not play Bush and play 3 receivers? Forte and LT are locks...
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I'd take Johnson for sure. Your receivers are solid without Deshaun. Moss is your stud. Always start your studs. Now is definitely the time to prepare for the playoffs. I can't count how many times I've been eliminated in the first round after having an awesome season, because my stars were up against the Baltimore Defense. Also, if your playoffs go into week 17, don't forget about motivations or lack of for playoff bound teams vs. those that are fighting it out to the end.
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My playoffs go to 16. My first round and third rounds are very favorable. Just that cold Chicago air that I am worried about...
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Originally Posted by mcpaul View Post
Moss is your stud. Always start your studs.

I'm not gonna question whether Moss is a stud or not...but this is a bad philosophy IMO.

Basically, Moss + Cassel means Moss isn't a stud for fantasy purposes. I'd be more interested in Colston vs. OAK than Moss covered by Bailey and receiving passes from Cassel.
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Colston is playing Carolina. Cotchery is playing Oakland...
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Originally Posted by michaeljkrell View Post
Colston is playing Carolina. Cotchery is playing Oakland...

Whoops. Either way, it doesn't matter: Colston has a better chance of putting up great numbers this week (and pretty much every week) than Moss does with Cassel at QB.
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Do I play Moss or Cotchery than?
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i believe any reasoning that sits moss vs denver on monday night is flawed
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