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Seattle is one of the worst pass defenses in the league too. If you're at all looking to spot start a receiver, try and find one facing the Seahawks.
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I've read somewhere that Bush has scored 24 TD's in his last 28 games (playoffs included). I'd keep him. And Gore.
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Robert Meachem was not even targeted today. With Colston and Shockey coming back soon, is he droppable? and who would be a good pickup? Austin? Camarillo? Hixon? Floyd? Nelson?
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Yeah, you have to drop Meachem. Moore is pretty much the only other Saints receiver worth having with Colston coming back. I would pick up Camarillo or Stokely. Cassel is killing me (Moss). Moss could have easily of had two touchdowns and over 100yds if Cassel didn't continually underthrow him.
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michael: some news says Hasselbeck hurt his knee pretty badly. It could be more than hyperextended.

Either way, Seattle's offense has become a lost cause.
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i give up on fantasy football. eli brandon marshall T.O. Deshaun Jackson (soon to be replaced by Colston) Gore Slaton Tony G Kris Brown Tampa how the fk does this team have a 3-3 record only thing i know for sure is that nothing happens the way its supposed to. inconsistancy is the only constant. (o yea and "ima be open" Ocho Cinco)
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Thanks Michael. Meachem is hitting the skids. phreak: I'm not sure. Perhaps for the same reason that Cutler Peterson, Slaton Marshall, Welker, Meachem Winslow Prater Chicago could lose to: O'Sully V. Jackson, Matt Jones, Ike Hilliard TJ Duckett, Derrick Ward Gates Rackers Washington. Explanations of both should have to be similar, no?
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Marshall has fallen back to earth after the first two games...
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LT for S. Jackson? I have LT...
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That's a banged-up guy for a guy on a team with a weak O-line. I'd keep LT if only because LT can get healthy again (and he plays against scrub run Ds five more times this year). With S-Jax, there's no guarantee what team will show up. Finally, its hard to set up the running game when the passing game is broken.
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LT for S. Jackson? I have LT...
ewww...not very close either imo. if you are desperate right now, i would consider it further, but if you are putting up solid points even with little output from lt, i would hold on to him.
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I'm taking Peyton Manning and T.J. Houshmanzadeh for Tony Romo in my keeper league right now.

My current backup QB is O'Sullivan (I'm trying to pick up Brad Johnson instead, but I have low waiver numbers)

The guy I'm trading to is in last place, I'm in first - and the lack of a decent QB would cripple me. He wants Romo for next year. I'd like to win the $400 this year.

What say ye?
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I'd do that deal, Slim. I'd also keep LT. The only one I'd deal him for at this point would be Gore.
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Yeah, I guess I agree. Im just worried because LT just doesn't look like a focal point of the offense, and he's said he would need like a month off for his toe to get better. I think I am dropping Hasselbeck for Brunell. I'm sticking with the Saints (I got Brees, Bush, Colston, Shockey, Moore & their kicker). I'm number 1 in my conference (number to in the league). Week 9 is going to kind of suck, but I am playing the worst guy then. I won't be able to pick up D. Anderson and I don't see a better backup option if Brees ever got hurt... And I would definitely do the trade slim...
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I'd also keep LT. The only one I'd deal him for at this point would be Gore.
ronnie brown too. pretty sure hes the best fantasy player of all time, no exceptions. i just realized i have played him in the last 3 games miami has had, IN THE SAME LEAGUE WTF!! /rant
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