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Cheap cashmere

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There is a lot of cheap cashmere on the market. Is cheap cashmere preferable to good merino? On a "feel test", my answer is probably "yes". Any dissenters?
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I do believe cheap cashmere pills much more easily than decent merino does.
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Alias is right - the cheaper stuff feels wonderful but pills easily because it is made from shorter strands (and often from ground up scrap). Go to any store for a fabric shaver if you get this problem. Expensive cashmeres outlast the cheap stuff by a lonnnnnnnnnnng way because they use longer strands - feels rough at first but over time will break and get softer.
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Alias - is that cap you're sportin cashmere or wool? Like the retro 80's B-movie gas station stickup-man look you have going on there :-)
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Go to any store for a fabric shaver if you get this problem.
Years ago somebody gave me a fabric shaver.  I have it right here.  It's called a Singer "Fuzy-Wuz." I have used this device from time-to-time and it seems to work well.  But one worries it is damaging or weakening the fabric.  Is it?  And I never have put it on a really fine garment.  Could I?
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Not sure what kind you have? The kind I was referring to takes two batteries and has a flat metal shield with holes in it and the blades spinning underneath - takes off pills quite well without damage - use it all the time on pill prone sportcoats and such :-)
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That's it. About the size of a bar of soap. Thanks.
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