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I've never had a problem with being accosted by hawt sales gurls. Either this is a good thing because they see I have my style right and they know they can't sucker me, or it's a bad thing because they just don't like me.

My God, it's full of relaxed fits!
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I have a pair of BKE. I got them before i got into raw denim.
They arent too bad for the price.
But its still pretty bad/
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its hilarious how worked up you guys get over a stupid question
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Telling people you shop at Buckle will get you approving nods from poeple who give out approving nods for shopping at Hollister and some of the more high end brands of that demographic. This forum doesn't really discuss what is 'cool.' We tend to discuss quality. People will praise a $5 pair of jeans if they are a quality pair. This is why Levi's are well recieved here. They are a quality product that is well-made. Personally, I think for your $70 price, I would return them and browse the forums for someone selling some APC for around that price point. If you are set on the trendy stuff, I would recommend heading to honestforum and looking at Diesel. They are a 'trendy' brand that still makes a quality product and can be had for $100ish. If you are unsure about your purchase, it was probably a poor purchase.
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Lol yeah, return that jank ASAP.
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