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Beach Wedding Attire

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I asked this same question on Ask Andy's site and received some constructive ideas and was hoping to get some additional ideas/perspectives from the many who post here. I will be getting married on the beach in the Caribbean in early May. The bride is wearing an ankle length dress (not formal but not a sun dress if that helps any) in off-white (it's our second kick at this particular cat for both of us). Originally we had talked about keeping it casual but since she has moved beyond the sun dress idea it seems to me that casual ie. linen shirt, long pants and sandals is no out of the question for me. There will only be family attending (7 people) so formal is out (thank goodness) and worrying about how others dress is not much of a concern. I was thinking of a linen suit (flax, beige or ecru), white cotton shirt without a tie (I'm walking a fine line with not overdressing compared to the bride or at least that's my impression right now), pocket square for colour and nicer sandals (it's on the beach so closed shoes aren't going to work). I am a self-confessed newbie in terms getting outfits that make sense (visually and otherwise) so please feel free to include any type of recommendations no matter how trivial because I need all the help I can get on this one. I hope you can make sense of the rather random thought post I've composed and thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide.
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Your suit idea sounds good. An unlined jacket will probably be more comfortable. Mazeltov.
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I was a guest at a fantastic beach wedding several years ago and went in dark linen suit, shirt, and low rise loafers, no socks. what you discribe sounds great, or you might wantto go for loafers.
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definately stick to the linen idea, it is cool and you will breathe and not swelter on the beach also sandals with a rolled up pair of beige flat front linen pants and a very lightweight white linen button up shirt would be perfect to me...good luck
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