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Rothman's - union square, ny

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I was wondering what the New Yorkers on the board thought of this menswear store located in Union Square. It's been there for years, and the few times that I've dropped in, they seemed to have a decent selection of mid-priced suits, ties, and casual shirts (along with a bit of cheap and tacky looking stuff). Haven't bought anything there yet, so any thoughts on the store's selection, value, and service would be appreciated.
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ive been to rothmans a few times, killing time between appointments. Ive never been impressed with the goods they carry, with the notable exception being Bill's Khakis. The rest seems a little dated to me, especially the sweater and casual area. The suit selection, dowstairs, is better, but beware of the roving salesmen, they are all over you the minute you show your face. Maybe that is a plus to some people, but I like to be left alone when I am shopping.
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I've seen a number of private label suits from Rothman's - they were all made by Hickey Freeman. So not bad quality.
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agreed, nice suits, extremely annoying salespeople.
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I first must admit that I am friendly with one of those annoying salesman. The white haired guy named Mark. He knows his stuff. The are very nice people at Rothman's and their prices are fair. They do a good job on alterations as well. The old Rothman's which was located at Fifth ave at 18th St.was really old school. I walked in there once and a saleman who was in his mid 70's was on me in seconds. When I told him I just wanted to browse, he shot me a look to kill. I put him in the end of the line for the salesmen.
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I saw another Rothman's suit yesterday - it was made by Samuelsohn. So they aren't all Hickey Freeman...
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