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Perfection in clothes, as in people

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Thread Starter "My own scruffy chic" "immaculate Oscar de la Renta ... was shown off best by a little cashmere sweater in which there was a small moth hole" "This is an effect I have long striven for - a clear, smooth and irreproachable demeanour, a reaction, I presume, to a lifetime of having been thought a little too intense. But if the truth be known, being this well turned out made me look a little OLD."
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Well, this is taking things a bit far. The parvenu wears all new everything. I like to have older things mixed in with the new in my wardrobe, and it's a side benefit to thrift shopping to pick up non-new pieces to have a better blended wardrobe. That said, wearing a cashmere sweater with a moth hole so that everyone will know it's there on purpose is simply an affectation.
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Well said, Alan-san. I myself liked to mix my outfits so as to have my new lace jabot with my Louis XIV doublet castoff from Sir Elton John. Those who artificially "fox" their collars or what have you so as to get that artificially aged look are committing an even more reprehensible act of arrivisme.
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I don't know in any reproachable form how a small moth hole looks chic. Though I believe the former CEO of Barneys liked to wear slightly frayed shirts.
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lt reminds me of John Galliano's Dior parade. All these way-out outfits with rediculous hats. (Do people really wear those hidious outfits in the street, l think not). After the parade Galliano threw purple and orange chalk powder all over his beautiful white suit. Very strange but true.
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