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And the woman is married, her desire, her fantasy. We don't know her. Can a man pull this off while maintaining gentleman status? Thoughts, tips, comments.
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If this is actually a serious post... then I'd have to answer your question with a "probably not" Having sex with another man's wife is generally considered uncouth in most circles, now if her husband knows about it and doesn't mind/or approves... who knows. I guess it depends on the situation. I personally find it sort of off-putting to be hangin out with another naked man in a sexual context, woman or no. And I think I'm pretty liberal about that kind of thing. Plus three-somes of any kind are a little stressful to begin with, in my experience, someone usually ends up being "left out". Then that unfortunate person is stuck, pun intended, holding his own dick. I might just be old-fashioned, but I prefer one on one. Just my two cents, I hope it works out.
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i would love to hear comments on this one. i for one have never understood the appeal of having sex in the presence of another man. i wouldn't want another guy in the same room let alone right next to me. if you don't care about having another guy there, and if the woman's husband is okay with it, and if you can do it with a clear conscience, then go ahead. but then why would you ask?
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Appreciate your comments. It's an honest question, for the crazy playground we call: Manhattan. Situation arose, it's an old friend of mine and a woman we don't know. Neither of us are really concerned about the other being there. She had a fantasy proposed via a certain web site frequented by lonely spouses, though not intentionally so. If I thought is was a good idea, I wouldn't have asked. Sometimes (like buying that damn suit) I make poor judgements.
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Make sure you each call your hole ahead of time. And don't forget the obligatory high five every once in a while... C'mon... a threesome? Who are you, Randy Spears? Oh yeah, and when me and my buddies found out two of our own had a threesome w/some gal, they were the ass-end of jokes for nearly a month. Some good comedy comes out of it, anyways.
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The real question here is where is this damn Web site of lonely women
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I have two pairs of friends who have had very situations arrise. in the end of the day, nobody really thought that it was worth it.
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I don't think anyone asked the really pertinent question -- is she hot? Personally, I don't think there's any level of hotness that would outweight the fact that there would be another guy in the room. But that's just me. Two women, on the other hand -- different story.
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Yea, I'm thinking this isn't worth it unless it two women and one guy. Who really cares about her fantasy when it involves some other dude.
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Personally, I don't think there's any level of hotness that would outweight the fact that there would be another guy in the room. But that's just me. Two women, on the other hand -- different story.
Same problem with a straightforward reshuffling of characters. For some people, this is common practice and they don't think twice about it.  For others, this is one of those things that sound like a good idea and end up being an object of hidden shame years later. Often times, fantasies are better left in that realm.
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Another guy in the room - not a problem The fact that the woman is married - a problem A gentleman would not sleep with another man's wife.
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Bingo. You addressed my question. Agreed. Tempting though.
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This is a threesome with another dude involved. Why is it even being considered? I guess you are bi? gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that. But being a straight man, I wouldn't even consider it.
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No. No one is bi or gay, everyone is married or engaged. It's not a threesome in the sense of an orgy - its a two on one. Anyway, its not happening. It was a on opportunity and it passed. Fun topic though.
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Just a question, although an opportunity to have a woman outside of the normal relationship once in a while sounds fun, why on earth would any man want to share that experience with anohter man? I can understand the SF idea, not StyleForum, but find 2 women that want to share a great opportunity. It is very odd to find even a woman that truly wants that experience I would believe, though the thought has crossed many a womans mind about another woman.
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