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Drinkwater's 1st Sale

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We will officially commence our 1st Sale on January 12th. A majority of the store will be discounted and I would be pleased to extend all reductions to anybody who visits us before that date. I look forward to meeting forum members. Drinkwater's 2067 Massachusetts Avenue (Porter Square) Cambridge, MA 02140 617-547-2067
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What do you carry? (Honestly, I have no idea) Jon.
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Having spent thirty years in the Boston clothing scene and most of that time at Louis, my direction is updated traditional apparel. I have worked with many of the collections that members of the forum lust for and I have the same weaknesses. I spent many hours deliberating what segment of our marketplace would shop with us and could this city support another over the top menswear shop. Our final answer has yet to be decided as we are still only six months old and I'm still listening to what my customer base and the new customer desires of us. We could have provided many of the top collections who we have teriffic relationships with but we chose to represent lines with quality and a price point that wouldn't scare people away. Southwick and Nick Hilton are our two clothing collections. Southwick is an American company who led the industry in the eighties and is experiencing a renaissance so to speak with a new designer John Kalell who I had the pleasure of working with at Louis. Nick Hilton, whose father is Norman Hilton, another great American designer, has been creating clothing since the late eighties and manufactures his collections in Italy. I recently told Nick not to change a thing in his garments for he has arrived. Soft, luxurious with fabric to die for. Our pants are made in Brooklyn, from a manufacturer who has an old world factory with tailors who know how to make a pant. Best trousers I've ever sold and you can still feed yourself after buying a few pairs. Now I know I've elaborated more than you probably wanted to know but I'm excited about our business and the people we chose to sell. To name a few more; Talbot, Aster, Schneiders, Gran Sasso, Paraboot, Loake, Anthony Corry, Bolgheri, Trafalgar, Engineered Garments, Turrau, Andean. We're about to go to market an select our Fall/ Winter 05 collections, so we'll keep you posted on our positions as they occur. Spring/ Summer 05 is arriving shortly. Thanks for your interest in us and should you have any questions feel free to call me @ 617-547-2067
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Does Drinkwater's have a website?
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As I mentioned during our "interim" SF arrangement, I visited Drinkwater's recently, and found Gary to an affable and knowledgeable guy (and, as it turns out,  a neighbor to boot). While there I picked up a few attractive casual pieces at very reasonable prices. I would underscore what Gary has suggested, in that my impression is that he is looking for good quality garments that represent a good value.  For those of us without unlimited budgets (whose shopping at Louis is done exclusively at sale time), Drinkwater's is definitely worth checking out. I look forward to viewing his spring selections. Btw, the shop is extremely attractive, being located in a former factory building with high ceilings and exposed beams, and decorated with some gorgeous antiques that are also available for purchase through a local antiques dealer.
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Gary was very indeed very affable when I came in, unlike many other shops in the area (such as Stonestreets, which I found insulting to be honest -- the sales guy saw me looking at the Carusso suits there, and then tried to give me the hard sell instead on Stonestreets' "newest line" by "Ees-ah-ee-a" (Isaia), which was in fact a piece of fused crap by Gianluca Napoli). How do I know that he wasn't being nice because he knew who I was -- because I didn't tell him. I wanted to see how I would be treated as a stranger. And I was treated well. Most pieces aren't quite my style, but he has a nice collection of dress shirts (slim fitting. Thick MOPs.) at a pretty reasonable price. Nice ties. And, Gary, I still plan on coming in for that bowtie soon.
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We have started our second markdown and the selection is still very good. Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 617-547-2067. Best, Gary
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