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I plan on going around 11 and will have on Polo jeans,Gucci sneakers,powder blue cashmere polo and a black patch pocketed cashmere jacket. Say hello if u c me.Sorry guys, some new developments, I am still going to be there @ 11 but I will be dressed differently, I will be wearing Polo wool flat front beige pants, a Polo cashmere glen plaid grey shirt, a dark green cashmere/wool, patch pocketed sportcoat and a pair of polo driving loafers. a little late for an edit, again, sorry, but hope to see someone there....
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Does LB still carry Rogans, and if so, are they on sale? If there's a possibility of getting some in the sub $150 range, I might be interested in asking one of you Boston people for a favor.
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Where is Relish, and what kind of stuff do they have? I take it it's owned by a Pearlstein.
They have condiments, of course. Jon.
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Ambulance Chaser - When do you plan on going to Relish?  I'll be there, too at some point tomorrow.
I'm still working on my schedule -- need to pick up a suit at some point tomorrow -- but will probably be there mid-morning or early afternoon.  Unlike other posters, I can't tell you what I'll be wearing until several minutes before I get dressed other than Silhouette wireless eyeglasses with blue trim.  I'm a non-descript Asian (I get the "hey, you look just like an Asian guy I know" a lot).
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Does LB still carry Rogans, and if so, are they on sale? If there's a possibility of getting some in the sub $150 range, I might be interested in asking one of you Boston people for a favor.
Nope. They discontinued carrying them because a "diffusion line", Loomstate, was coming out, and the brand was becoming too commonplace. Same reason they dropped Paper Denim. Stupidest reason I've ever hear. Anyway, they carry Rag and Bone now, mostly.
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Ah, I see we're talking about the same store in two different states. Bit of cross current going on between Boston & D.C. Thanks for info. Still don't know where the Boston location is (I'd guess Newbury); not that my wallet needs to find out.
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Sounds like a mighty dicey weather forecast for Boston area tomorrow. Wonder if this will change anyone's shopping/wardrobe plans? I still plan on making the a.m. trek--via the T (was considering driving)--with a fleece cap on my head, and shod in rubber, rather than suede boots. The humanity. edit- well I'm off. decided to go with the McCallum's instead (storm welt's gotta be good for something, no?) In addition I'll be sporting jeans, and a gray zip-neck over a black t, topped off with a grained black leather coat and a black fleece cap. c u there?
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You guys who are going to Louis Boston Sale this weekend or next week, please kindly share your experience with people who can't go there this time like me, for example what you buy and what are the prices.  I bought quite a few things in New York on Thanksgiving and after Christmas, so really can't go to Louis Boston this time, unless I want to use up all my savings.   Ambulance Chaser, please let us know what Dries Van Noten items you find this time.  I love those jackets and vests with heavy embroidery on shoulders and around neck from this Fall/Winter Season so much.  Are there still any of them left on sale?  LA Guy, do you see any interesting things from Haute, Age, P.A.R.O.S.H, or Cloak?  Do they carry As Four for men?
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Early report: Some very nice shoes, not many in small sizes. Among them, beautiful Lattanzi's--antiqued cognac lace-ups made on sweet lasts, and an elegant whole cut in a kind of soft putty suede, again beautiful lines, as well as a few others. Still big $ even at 50% off. Several Vass models, some Budapests--very nice--in possibly, cordovan, also some real nice "slippers" (what Vass calls loafers) also I think in cordovan, and a norwegian derby, possibly in  the U last. Size availability in the above seemed strongest in 41-44 (0 I guess that's around 8-11). A few others I may have missed, it was really kind of a blurr in the mad dash to "get some". I nearly purchased a really nice pair of black 4 eyelet captoe laceups by Bonora, but was talked out of it by SF's own streetwise streetwear guru, LA Guy, who was helpful in critiquing a few other potential purchases, thereby saving me a coupla bucks on some stuff that, while nice, would probably end up seeing a whole lot of closet time. Thanks LA, good to meet Ya. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. I'm sure we'll cross paths again. (PS- I bet some of those earth tone shirts will work well w/ the orange APC vest that is en route, eh?) Unfortunately I pretty much only had time to check out shoes and shirts this go round, but I did manage to pick up a few nice casual pieces from  Dries Van Noten, Unis, malo, and G.I. Joe, as well as a double prong belt with a really rich striated rosewood finish, and a pair of the Ludwig Reiter trainers some of us had been ogling a few months back (I'll see if I can dig up the pix). I suspect there's still gonna be a lot of good stuff there tomorrow and perhaps the next few days. I might go back tomorrow to check out pants, coats, sweater, etc, though my bank account is already groaning from lack of sustenance. Next week becomes a bit dicier (Thursday it goes to 60% I think), though I'll probably go back one more time to see what's left. More later.
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LA Guy, do you see any interesting things from Haute, Age, P.A.R.O.S.H, or Cloak? Do they carry As Four for men?
*Lots* of stuff from Cloak, from some very cool casual pants to tons of outerwear - from short jackets to the double breasted trench - and lots (at least this morning) of the vaunted hoodies that are sold out everywhere in NYC and LA. Some (but fewer) Haute leather jackets and shirts, and lots of P.A.R.O.S.H shirts and pants. Also, lots of Age shirts. I didn't notice any As Four for men. For the traditionalists, saw lots of Barbera and Kiton shirts and suits, lots of Vass, Beguelin (sp?) and Lattanzi shoes and boots on sale as well. Lots of Columbo and Schneider's outerwear, etc... Also saw the Prada's I picked up at Filene's (a gift from my brother) for $79, down from $495 retail to $247. Ah, I love it when I get a bargain way ahead of time. There are also a bunch of Paper Denim LTD 2 years for about $85, for those interested in real bargains. Unfortunately, except for a few trousers, they had nothing of interest by Rag and Bone. Oh well. Also dropped by Alan Bilzerian. Lots of Margiela and his very good house brand on sale. At Riccardi, they had a few good pieces (including a cool Costume National jacket marked down to about $450), but mostly, the stuff is too Eurotrashy for my tastes. Stel's had some good stuff by Fake London Genius, a really cool shirt made of vintage fabric by Schiele for anyone in a small, and some very cool Weber pants. Personally, am broke, and did not buy anything except for a $48 American Apparel "jogger" that fit better than anything I saw at Louis or Saks. If I were to make a substantial purchase, it would be the Yoko Devereaux jacket from Stel's that I've written about so often. Met AJL - very nice guy, and steered some kids at Saks away from Seven to the J.P. Da'mage (the girl really liked the Rekko wash compared to the New York Dark Seven wash (d'oh) and not one American Jackass dressed by his girlfriend will now be wearing cooler jeans.)
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AJL, Nice to meet you too. For more interesting earth toned shirts, seriously consider going to Alan Bilzerian, who has a lot of Margiela and own brand stuff you'll like, and Stel's, who carry some Coast shirts that are also very nice. I would hit Stel's first. The proprietors are really great people, and I think that it is a great idea to support a store that has great service. Tell them that I (in my civilian guise) sent you. Also, check out Drinkwaters near Porter Square.
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How much were the Vass? And did they have anything in the smaller sizes? E.g. Did they fit you Andrew?
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How much were the Vass?  And did they have anything in the smaller sizes?  E.g. Did they fit you Andrew?
hey matt-- nope nothing in smaller sizes, the closest I came was a 41 which I think is around an 8--just a bit too big. as far as cost, I believe the retail sticker said around $1,100 or maybe 11 & change, so the sale price would be half of that (which i gather is about what they cost when you get them over there, or have A. Harris hook you up with some demos...). Nice shoes.
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