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Louis Boston Sale

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Louis is starting it's semi-annual sale tomorrow; I beleive they price everything 50% off.
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Can we get a final headcount of forum members who will be there? I know I will be there when the doors open. Anyone else?
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most likely I will be there at open as well.
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everything is 50% off as in EVERYTHING?
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I plan on being there early hopefully. I'll be wearing some pleated khaki pants and a french blue button down full fit shirt, in case you want to say hello.
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I'll be there.  Do you know when it opens?  I want to pick up a pair of Rag & Bone jeans if they are in fact on sale. My picture is on the board, but I'll probably by wearing Paper Denim jeans (I thinik that I'll wear my LIT Crinkle pair), some sort of t-shirt, and black boiled wool zip cardigan/jacket under a John Varvatos olive jacket. Will also probably be wearing a leather messenger bag and Puma MY-8 sneakers.
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FWIW, I'll be at Relish (a.k.a. The Store Run By Murray's Other Daughter) tomorrow.  I'll be the one drooling over the Dries Van Noten and mentally debating whether I can live on Chef Boyardee for the next six months.
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I'll be the one drooling over the Dries Van Noten and mentally debating whether I can live on Chef Boyardee for the next six months.
I know the feeling. At last years sale, I had to physically restrain myself from shelling out for the waxed distressed leather double breasted jacket with the embroidered lining. Truly awesome stuff.
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everything is 50% off as in EVERYTHING?
Not quite everything. Most everything, but the stuff in the specialty ancillary rooms is usually off limits, like the Barbera room, etc. Not to say there won't be some Barbera stuff in the mix. Most clothes, most accessories, most if not all shoes. Unlike a sale say, at Mr. Sid's where they advertise stuff at up to 40% off and you go there and find a lot of stuff isn't on sale and what is is discounted 20-40%, everything on sale @ Louis is 50% off and it is most everything.
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I'm going to be in Boston next weekend -- when I believe it all goes down to 60% off. By the second week is there anything worth buying or has it all been thoroughly sifted through? I know the sale at Korshak in Dallas was quite good up until the end. Thanks in advance.
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Vass shoes at 50% off? Has anyone been in there lately to see what they might have in terms of a basic, navy blazer? I live in the western US, but am interested in perhaps making a contact with my cousin in Boston to see if he's still going to school out there and would go search for me.
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Ambulance Chaser - When do you plan on going to Relish? I'll be there, too at some point tomorrow.
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I honestly didn't see a Navy blazer in there when I was there last week -- but my sense was they were moving a lot of stuff to the backrooms to get them ready for the sale, because a lot of merchandise (for example, the Oxxford and Belvest suits) were not in their normal location. Based on my experience with the Filene's Louis sale, there will still be some good stuff left during the second week -- but probably the more expensive things, plus some shoes. The shirts, etc. seem to sell out fastest.
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Where is Relish, and what kind of stuff do they have? I take it it's owned by a Pearlstein.
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I am planning on trying to swing over there as well. Propbably won't make it there until 1 or 2 in the afternoon as I have to go to the cobbler, framer, and other assorted errands in the suburbs. Can we have a ms pac man tournament there afterwards?
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