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Still waiting.
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really recommended the user wax (alex) from chicago for his proxy service! very nice guy & reliable! thanks alex!
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anyway, i'm in Tokyo, Japan for the next 3 months. so if anyone need a proxy here during my stay, please let me know, i'd like to help. thanks!
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Looking for someone to proxy a Uniqlo+j blazer to Canada.
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Hey, I'm interested in a Timberland bag, but since I'm in *Eastern* Canada Timberland won't ship. Would really appreciate someone proxying for me!
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i can proxy anything from us to worldwide ... pm me thx!

tons of references available from other members
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I can do proxies from NY stores to all locations. On top of costs, add $10 or 8% (whichever is higher)
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I've used wax several times and he's always a pleasure to deal with.
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I run a full time proxy, if someone is interested check out my posting for more information, thank you
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Anybody in France that can proxy something to Japan? Could you send me a pm if so?
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Gonne be needing a proxy in Hong Kong seomtime in the next week. Pm me if your interested, it would be at: BAPE STORE Hyasan, 1 Hyasan Ave. Causeway bay Hongkong
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Looking for the Uniqlo All-made-in-Japan Slim Straight indigo in a size 33. NY store says they're not carrying them anymore. Thanks!
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Any proxies available from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy to Australia (Dior Homme Online Boutique)?

I'm after the Black Wool Coat (EU 46) ref: 0H3132360315C900 that they have on offer. No sure if it's available in a physical store.

Please pm me with fees + references if you are available!


*Edit 5/2: Found someone.
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I need a proxy from the Ralph Lauren US webstore to norway. Anyone available?
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I can proxy from the UK to anywhere for a small flat fee.

I've sold/proxied on here and SuFu a bunch of times, so if you need references just let me know.
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