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just pm'd you with a proxy request
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Need proxy in Budapest, Hungary.
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Yo. I want to buy something off using my AmEx card, but they only accept visa/mastercard. I'm thinking I could send someone money with paypal and they could have the garment shipped to my address? I'd offer some sort of monetary bonus, of course. Let me know. The cost would be about $240 + like $20 for your troubles, and the task will take less than thirty minutes (of sitting on yo bum) to complete.
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I can proxy clothing from Korea. Shipping can take typically 1-2 weeks though.

I can also do anything from Philadelphia or Washington DC but sounds like that's pretty well covered already.
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Need proxy for San Francisco.Its a pick up from the Archive store.If anyone can help or knows anyone on the site who does this in the SF area please let me know.
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I need a proxy anywhere in the US, need something from the american french connection website and they don't accept canadian credit cards or ship to canada. You just need to order the item, receive it and ship it to me.
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need proxy service from US. Banana republic does not ship to Australia. Please pm me so we can work something out. Thank you.
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Hello SF,

We are a proxy service helping SF members obtain items from New York City, we operate the same way that most proxy services run except are located in NYC.

We are able to obtain any item from any store in name a few:

Dior Homme
Rick Owens
Sak Fifth Ave
Bergoff Goodman
Comme Des Garcons
Raf Simmons
Jil Sander
Blue in Green
Marc Jacobs
Nike SB

USE YOUR IMAGINE THIS IS NEW YORK CITY! whatever you want we can get!

We will serve you if you were to give us a picture of the item or a link. We will also be happy to go down to a store in which you think the item is located and purchase them for you.

Also, New York is very current on their apparel. Back seasons are very hard to find and please check if your item is available in the current season.

Rotten Apple can order from
all US sites
Store Pick Ups
Forum Buy and Sell (super future, niketalk)

For More Questions Email:

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can anyone proxy me some clarks luggers? UK peeps? please pm me!
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Wow, didn`t know there was so much demand for proxies in Japan.

I am in Osaka and I have access to Uniqlo, Beams, Muji and most any other major store. If I don`t know what it is, I can search.
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UK Proxy needed for some shopping in an Uniqlo store. PM me if you can help me!
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Proxy needed in one of the following German cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Köln, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Munich, or Wismar. Willing to pay decently. Please PM me if interested.
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London UK to anywhere - marked as low value gift if wanted, just cover the cost of shipping and items, no fees - all I ask is the a favour in return, especially US.

pm me and I will happily give any further details.
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proxy in germany for a pair of sneakers?
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