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I'm looking for a Rugby RL proxy to Canada. Send me a PM to anyone who can help me out thanks!
(First post BTW!)
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Originally Posted by Drakholm View Post
Hey i'm looking for someone to proxy shop for me in New York. The main place i'm interested in is the soho uniqlo store. I've never used a proxy before so it would be nice to work with someone who can help me through the ropes. (there are so few places to find decent clothes in Utah) Paypal preferred. Thanks for reading.

Originally Posted by jaychiz View Post

I can proxy stuff from Uniqlo or any other shops in NYC. Let me know what you need.
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I'm still proxying from the uk so if you need anything just shoot me a pm.

Please check my feedback on these threads :
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I've read the first two pages of this thread and understand some advantages of a proxy service, but am not sure if I get it completely. I'm asking because I want to know if there's something I can leverage using this service. So, it would be a great service if the seller does not ship to my country, and if the duties are prohibitive. Anything else? Also, typically (product examples would be great) what deals have people living in the US done using proxy services from outside? Thanks.
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Hi everyone,

I'm willing to proxy for a small fee for anyone outside the US. I will simply take your packages and forward them to you. Let me know if you want more information.
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Originally Posted by huynhm View Post
I can formally vouch for RandomKoreanDude. My package arrived securely and he well wrapped it also. Thumbs up from me.

i am still available for proxying to outside us
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Hi guys I am looking for a Uniqlo proxy in London as they don't ship to Italy.
I need to buy a couple of things.
Please PM me if interested.
Thanks everybody.

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Haven't checked this thread in a while but thanks guys. Still proxying! From the US to anywhere in the world. Cheers

Originally Posted by Rover! View Post
^ wax is great, I've bought through him a couple of times now. He keeps you updated throughout the process, and he only charges a flat rate which is great especially for bigger buys. Definitely recommended.

Originally Posted by robowarrior View Post
I got the user wax to proxy from me because of the reccommandations in this thread. Good communication, fast shipping and flat rate . He also ships internationally

Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post
alex, username "wax" is the best. bought a few items using his proxy services already! great communication, and simple to work with. flat fee is definitely reasonable!! give him a shout if you need a proxy. hes located in US, not sure what other proxy services he might have?

Originally Posted by clarksdb View Post
I used Alex's proxy service (user 'wax') and it went great once again! Great service, fast shipping, no duty charged and everything was packed perfectly.

If anyone wants a Canadian proxy for stuff such as Canada Goose etc. then send me a PM.

Originally Posted by Hartmann View Post
Another recommendation for wax, he got my stuff to Canada with no problems.

Originally Posted by fjw View Post
I can also highly recommend Alex (user 'wax') for anyone looking for a US proxy. Great, speedy communication. He is friendly, helpful and offers very good value for money. I'll be using him from now on for all US purchases.
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Looking for a proxy buyer in Miami, Chicago or LA for the Hugo Boss Selection Tailored line. PM me if you are interested in a mission. This would be within the US to Va Thanks
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Sounds like I'm in luck. Awesome! Canada doesn't even have a J. Crew store yet but at least they ship :P
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i'm in charlotte, nc and don't mind being a proxy if needed.
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I also recommend wax, trustworthy!
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I live in France, I could you make a proxy in european Website (local Ebay,...)
Don't hesitate to PM me to talk about the conditions if you're interested by something.
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Hello! I'm looking for a proxy to order a few things from Uniqlo UK and have them shipped to Canada. PM me if at all interested!
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