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I'm looking for a Swedish/UK proxy to send a pair of boots to the US, please PM me if you can help.
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Hi: I need an Ebay proxy. Someone who can buy an item on Ebay for me and ship it to Denmark(seller will only ship to the US and Canada)..
Please pm me.
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Looking for an Aussie proxy. Thanks.
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do you know any Korean proxy?

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I'm in Wash., DC and willing to send stuff pretty much anywhere. Just PM me if you need something. If your request is ridiculous I'll just tell you to piss off. (I've never done this before but PayPal or Google Checkout seem to make the most sense.)
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Going forward here's a breakdown of how to figure out the total cost if you want me to proxy something for you. Item + Domestic Shipping (to me) + International Shipping (to you) = Order Total Order Total + My Fee of 10% (includes PayPal/Google Checkout charge) = Your total cost. (for Order Totals of less than $200 my fee is $20). Also, I'll ask you to send me a separate email with your mailing address for my records. PM me any questions. (I'm in Washington, DC.)
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Anyone know where to get this? It's a Polo Chaps Rugby sweater. I'd be interested in proxying it from anywhere, have got 100+ pos ebay feedback and a verified paypal address in Norway

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In the very unlikely event of someone willing to buy something from Finland...I'm happy to help should you have any probs.

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pm'd you

Originally Posted by VKK3450 View Post
I'm in London. I'll do basic forwarding proxies (have it delivered to me and I'll forward it on). Pickups might be arranged around my schedule on a case by case.

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I'll ask again, any proxies in Japan?
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Originally Posted by DrZRM View Post
I'll ask again, any proxies in Japan?

use sharp service japan. Their website is Just email them at with w/e u want and they usually can work it out for u. I used them twice already to purchase some uniqlo products off the japanese uniqlo site and it was awesome. The fee is 10% and u have to cover paypal fees etc. and they ship everything via EMS which is SUPERFAST but kinda expensive lol.
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oh, and in case u're wondering, I found them on superfuture. I don't think they advertise their service on SF...
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I'm in TO and need a proxy for the gilt site..not an exigent matter, however I would like to know who is able to do so prior to the sales and organize a smooth transaction
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Originally Posted by modual View Post
Uk proxy service

Have proxied a few things from here and sufu in the past so thought i'd offer the service as i have alot of spare time at the moment.

Here's how it works :

price of item + local shipping + international shipping ( includes insurance / tracking) + 12% fee (includes paypal charges) = Total cost

All payments to be made through Paypal
Minimum fee £10
fee includes Paypal charges

Please Pm with your request / item url and i'll work out the total cost.

Please check my Baracuta thread for feedback from buyers
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i'm willing to do forwarding from the US to where ever, no real fee just pay postage plus a couple bucks for packaging and cover the paypal fees
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