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CJ Peals vs. CJ Benchgrade

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I have embarked on a plan of upgrading my shoes. Right now all my shoes are AE, which from a comfort perspective I like very much. However, I would like to try some british shoes. So my quaestion is:When it comes down to it. Is there a difference between the CJ's made for Brooks and the CJ'S Benchgrade. I assume they aren't the Handgrade.
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Correct, the Brooks C & J shoes aren't the handgrade level which I believe is C & J's top of the line. I cannot tell which level the Brooks shoes would fall into. I have never worn AE shoes, but based on looks, I believe that the Brooks Peal is step-up (pardon the pun). I wear them.20 BTW, Brooks's Peal line of shoes is made by both C & J and Alfred Sargent. The Sargent shoes has the Brooks names stamped in gold on the sole. Good luck.
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The Brooks C&J shoes are comparable to the C&J benchgrades. I think the AE shoes are comparably well made as the Brooks C&J. Your choice depends on which style you prefer. Generally, the C&J shoes are more elegant that the AEs. But you can get the AEs for a lot less money ($378 vs. $285 at full retail).
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The Brooks C&Js have channeled soles, which the normal C&J benchgrades do not appear to have. I believe that's the major difference. The Peal shoes are a much better deal than the same things at Polo for $500-%600. However, there aren't many C&J-made Peals left. Alfred Sargent does them mostly. The nail pattern and the color of the Peal & Co. stamp are the giveaways.
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Hi guys. Thanks for the information. I bought two pairs of the Peals with the single nails, not the double, going around them during the recent sale for $241 each (I also had some gift certificates so it was even less cash out of pocket). One is a perforated cap toe with the regular leather sole and one has the dainite rubber. I noticed that in 346 Madison they divide the shoes into different groups. 1) The Cordovans 2) The Aldens dress shoes 3) Peals with 2 double nails 4) Peals with Single nails 5) Boots 6) Dress Casual 7) I don't remeber. I asked the salesperson and was told they are by manufacturer. So I am assuming mine are the CJ's. Anyhow it sounds like its worth keeping the Peals, I like the shoes, as opposed to trying to get CJ Handgrade. And then put the extra money towards my saving up for a pair of EG's.
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The CJs are the ones with a double row of tacking on the bottom. They make two models, I believe -- the algonquin and one of the cap toes.
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[quote]The CJs are the ones with a double row of tacking on the bottom. They make two models, I believe -- the algonquin and one of the cap toes. Are you sure? I bought the Algonquins and they had only a single row. Additionally, Both lines had multiple models. Now I'm confused.
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Which Algonquins did you buy? The smooth brown calf model should have the double row -- they do in my local store. But I've heard CJ is being phased out, so maybe it was last year's model still on the shelf. Anyways, I think most would agree here that the AS models are probably every bit as good as the CJ ones.
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$378 retail is high for the AS Brooks shoes.
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I believe these are them and they have a single row. Also, I bought these and they have a single row BTW, How do these shoes stack up against the Stuarts Choice at Paul Stuart. I bought a pair, For $189 on sale, and they are very compfortable?
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$189 for Stuart's Choice?. Fantastic deal... The Stuart's Choice are at least a notch above the BB shoes -- though I believe that Alden shoes are probably equal in quality to the Stuart shoes.
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Yeah. I thought they would be a great buy. They had a nice selection on sale. The only thing was that sale items are not refundable at Paul Staurt so I didn't want to take a chance on too much. I had another pair that I liked that was $289 but I decided to get a similar shoe from Brooks that was $241 since it had a Dainite rubber sole which is helpful in the bad weather. Maybe the Dainite rubber sole is another give away. The CJ's I saw in Barneys had the same sole. Does AS make a shoe with those soles?
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Most likely they do. Most English makers produce some kind of shoe with a Dainite sole -- Dainite is pretty ubiquitous generally, and is a terriffic and hard-wearing sole.
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Thanks Jerry for this nice pair of shoes..........
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