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taking in the waist

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i'm sure this has been covered before but i couldn't find it with a quick search... how much can the waist be taken in? how much does it cost? will it affect any other measurements? tia
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I recently had a jacket taken in about four inches. It would be fine, except that it's about an inch more than the tailor and I agreed on. I think that part of the job was about 20 euro; with shortening the jacket an inch and the sleeves and inch and a half, plus moving the sleeve buttons, came to about 70 euro all told. Tom
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4 inches sounds like a lot. i was thinking more like 2 inches-enough to give the jacket a little more shape. you wouldn't have any before and after pics?
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2 inches shouldn't be any trouble at all, I think it's a pretty common alteration. Can't help you out with a before pic, but if you go into the last page of the 'member pics' thread, I'm wearing the suit after the alteration. The angle and my posture make it look pretty bad, but it is a little too tight now. Tom
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I need to do two inches all the time except for very slim jackets (Boss etc.) and it looks fine to my eyes. I'm sure a tailor could spot some faults but to mere mortals it will look fine. B
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Theoretically, you can take in a jacket as much as you want, or at least until the sides collide with your rib cage.  The only alterations that are completely impossible are ones for which there is no excess cloth. The question is: How much is desirable?  And there are a lot of variables: the size of the wearer, the size of the jacket, the balance and silhouette of the garment, the personal taste of the wearer, etc.  In the end, it's up to you.
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I've had many suitcoats and sports jackets taken in following a substantial weight loss. My experience suggests that a reduction of more than 4 inches will result in odd proportions, in that the waist will appear too nipped relative to the set of the shoulders, lapels, etc.
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Excessive taking in of the waist will probably cause the jacket to pull, especially around the middle back and sides. You'll get annoying wrinkles everywhere. Of course, this depends on the weight of the fabric. Also, such an involved alteration probably requires an adjustment at the lower armhole.
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