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i'll post pics sometime tonight or tomorrow. first i have to say the fabric is soft and beautiful. i went with a check pattern by sictess (s52) for 95 euros. the fit is excellent and the stitching looks good, though not as small as some others. double needle stitching on side seams. the fit on the cuffs is the best of any shirt i own. it's more snug than i am used to, but it looks and feels great. also, the collar does not have removable stays, but some of the other models do. the MOP buttons are a little smaller than the norm. 2 gripes: they make no effort at pattern matching on any seams. also, the website order form asks you to input your neck size, but the shirt i recieved used the my neck size as the collar size. in other words, though my neck measures about 15.5", i require a shirt size of 16.5. the shirt i recieved is a size 39 (15.5) i e-mailed margutti to explain the problem with the hope that they would replace the collar if i sent it back, and that they would cover the shipping on this. i did explain the misunderstanding and suggested they should change their website. i got a response a little while ago saying basically, 'you asked for a 39 and i made a 39. send it back if you want.' there are 3 pics in 3 different albums.
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That's a really nice collar. Can I just say again that's a really nice collar? To bad they don't match stripes, for 95 Euros I would have ordered from them. Jon,
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i actually took a tailoring class long ago. i only lasted a couple of weeks before dropping out from extreme boredom. sewing is too monotonous for me. anyway, our final project for the class was to make a plaid shirt. it was to be plaid because our instructor was to teach us how to pattern match on all seams. it's strange to me that pattern matching should be so rare in the shirt world.
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I agree, great collar.  If the fabric is as great as you say, I might overlook the pattern mis-match and try one out anyway, maybe in a solid. Re:  collar fitting, I believe most directions recommend measuring around your neck with two fingers inserted, or leaving enough room to insert two fingers.  Use that size when talking to tailors, rather than actual neck measurement.  Do any of the shirt experts out there know why this is the case for necks, but not any other measurements?   edit: extra props to matadorpoeta for hosting on .mac instead of imageshack. We 7% have to stay strong. Tom
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it's a very nice fabric, but the shirt ended up costing $160 including MOP buttons and shipping. i don't think it's worth it. i know of at least one website that asks for your actual skin measurement for the neck. they then decide what size to make. the margutti site should say "collar", rather than "neck", where you put in the measurement, to avoid confusion.
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i really wanted to see pics but link didn't work..
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Same for me, the link didn't work. Not sure how homepage.mac allocates resources, but perhaps a data transfer threshold was exceeded.
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sorry about the link. i accidentally erased my homepage the day after making it. i'm new to mac and not good with computers to begin with. an update on the collar. mr. margutti sent me a very cordial (sp?) e-mail asking me to send back the shirt so he could make things right. he answers e-mails very promptly and i can only give them the highest marks for customer service. i'll be experimentig with a couple of more on-line shirtmakers in the near future and i'll be sure to post pics when i recieve the shirts.
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