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National Anthem stuff

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Hey guys, I remembered some people were interested in the National Anthem stuff on that raktuen store, so I thought I'd make a thread.

Thanks to a good japanese buddy of mine I managed to get a few pieces, the chino, the shawl jacket and the ringspun shawl sweater.

Here are some fit pics, and if you guys want further details I can post some more later. Sorry for the blurriness, my brother couldn't hold the camera still.

First up is the chino:

It's a bit long so I'll get it hemmed. The fit is pretty good, material seems nice too. I love how a "size 31" measures 29 inches across the waist.

Next is the shawl jacket:

It's got working cuffs, rider pockets (? I think they're called that) Fits slim. This is a size medium btw.

the shawl sweater:

It's nice and thick, should be good for winter and it has anchors on the buttons. The arms are fairly slim.

Well these are the three items I got, I think I paid around 320ish shipped from Japan.

Some of their other jackets have riri zippers and other cool details. Also all the stuff is made in canada.
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Whats your chest/waist size?
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I'm a ~34 inch chest and 28~ inch waist.

Yes I'm built like an asian schoolboy.
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Nice stuff, do they have a website?
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really nice, everything looks great on you.
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Here is the store I bought it from, not sure if the brand itself has a website edit: shit I forgot the site...
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nice jacket
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Let's dig up an old thread... Having recently discovered National Anthem, I think it's one of my few favorite brands now. Explorer does have a great selection, but Four Horsemen and Inventory are selling some of the shirts. It's a bit sad that it's all made in Vancouver, but very hard to find in North America. To top it off, the company apparently requires huge minimums. Anyway, on to the goods. I received two of the long sleeved naval shirts yesterday, and was immediately impressed. The material is very thick for a tee, and the construction is beyond solid. I geek out over simple things like the stripes matching perfectly on the side seams, and these have it all. The crew neck is great (I hate boat necks), and the barely cropped sleeves are a perfect length for me. I also received the ringspun sweater that vashin has above, so fit pics will show up eventually. I also have a couple pocket tees coming soon. Sizing is definitely Japanese if vashin is wearing a M Although, my ringspun sweater is also a M and fits well, if a tiny bit short (I am expecting it to stretch a little). I went with a L in the tees, and I never wear a large in anything else.
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Stuff looks awesome. So only 4 Horsemen and Explore carry it??
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Inventory and Four Horsemen are the only stores carrying it in North America. Don't know about the other hemisphere.
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There are several shops in JP that carry it, but unless it's on good sale in JP or out of stock in NA(as a few of the things I got were), it's not worth ordering from JP. Four Horsemen and Inventory prices are competitive, and 4HM has free shipping (and CAD prices) in NA Much better than paying $35 for EMS from JP, I say.
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Just saw some of this stuff in a magazine at the japanese book store. Is there anywhere in North America where I can get this toggle cardigan?

Thanks in advance.
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Most likely not. As far as I know, only Four Horsemen and Inventory sell National Anthem in NA.
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Bought something from an Ebay seller. Internet sleuthing leads me to believe this is the vintage ebay store for Standard Design, the designers of National Anthem and Homespun. Some of y'all might find it interesting:
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