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Marc Jacobs is a designer. Someone else is making his sweaters; at most he dictates the cut, which can make a difference in how stylish the sweater is.  However, he will have no input on the quality of the yarn used or most other parameters of a good cashmere sweater.
Funny thing is, Marc Jacobs (the man) doesn't even design for Marc Jacobs (the line) at all anymore. Dan
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What follows are excerpts from a short article in last months Consumer Reports headlined "Steer Clear of the Cashmere Bargain Bin" ...Some manufacturers are using less cashmere, often in lower grades, and cutting corners in other ways ... manufactuers may fail to remove short fibers that eventually make sweaters pill... unscrupulous processsors add wool to the cashmere without labeling the fibre as a blend ... one of six sweaters we tested at a special lab contained about 10% wool, treated to be indistinguishable from cashmere except under a powerful microscope. The label said 100% cashmere, the price tag said two for $90 ...Expensive cashmere sweaters are knit from yarns made of multiple strands or plies. We found that low-priced sweaters are usually made from two-ply yarns but the yarn is thin and the sweaters not as tightly knit. Inexpensive sweaters may be made from single-ply yarn, which wears poorly and pills easily ... the most expensive sweaters tested were excellent ... Brooks Bros ($298): a lot of sweater for the money ... Pringle ($450): also excellent ... Macys store brand ($120) and Land's End ($128): made of good two-ply yarns... a Bloomingdales store brand (< $100) was single ply.
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For sheer luxury - Agnona. Ive never felt anything so good. For luxury and deal in one - the newest Brooks Brothers. They moved production to Scotland, and the sweaters have really improved in quality. I own several of the HK made (of Italian cashmere) and they are fine. But just fine. They were $268 retail. I recently bought 2 of the Scottish made variety a few weeks ago on sale (paid $399.00 for 2) - retail is $298 normally. I love them. Slightly thicker than the old version. Also seems like better quality on the wrist and waist bands. I swear by BB cashmere, for 3 reasons. Quality is good, and has just improved. Can always be had on sale if you are patient. The only brand I have ever found that has long enough sleeves in size medium to accomodate me.
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Phil: Your Agnona sweater(s) have to be at least couple years old. Ever since Zegna acquired Agnona three or four years ago, Agnona manufactures clothing for women. In regards to the designers' control over quality, I am on the side of RJman and naturlaut: Designers' controls over quality are very limited. For those non-believers, simply ask Donna Karan. Her Donna Karan signature line for men is now defunct (I am not talking about DKNY) primarily because the quality of her line is so bad (based on my own personal experience and talks with folks who actually worked at her company). Another example that came to my mine is the Ralph Lauren Purple Label. I owned many pieces from that line (about 40-50 pieces), all of which are made in Italy or England (the older pieces). Buttons on these shirts were falling off; whole pocket of my cashmere overcoat fell off after one wear. I raised the quality issues to the manager of the Rodeo store. I was told that I am not the only one experiencing these problems and Polo is working hard on finding other vendors to produce their RLPL sportswear line.
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I read that part of the GQ article as well and decided to go look at Marc Jacobs sweaters. They really are impeccable pieces of work. It doesn't seem wrong to spend a couple hundred on one, although of course in my case I don't know how they hold up. All cashmere sweaters over $100 are going to feel nice, but the fit on the MJ sweater just seems impossibly good.
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Funny thing is, Marc Jacobs (the man) doesn't even design for Marc Jacobs (the line) at all anymore
It is very ironic, however it's something that everyone is getting used to these days. The same is true for many designer lines. Armani Collezioni is not designed by Giorgio Armani, and of course Dior Homme is not designed by Christian Dior. However, who is to say that it's a bad thing?
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