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What's Your Favorite Thrift Store Find??

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I just returned from the thrift store and floated home on Cloud 9.Funny,because in this particular one,they have a "boutique" rack,where you can find Zegna and Armani,maybe a Hugo Boss suit or jacket for $50-70.00.On the regular sportcoat rack,I pulled out an Attolini Sartoria cashmere navy 2 button blazer.Five bucks...Perfect size for me,perfect condition, (save for needing a pressing).Also,the buttons were solid brass,and I think I'll have my tailor replace them with horn buttons.Wooohooo.. So I was wondering-gentlemen of the SF-What's your fave thrift store find?
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And where is this amazing thrift store?
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Its in western Massachusets near Springfield.I go there every few months,but they tell me the best time for selection is Spring.
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Congratulations on your score. I don't do the thrift-store thing much anymore, but my favorite item from back in the day is a classic Chesterfield coat, beautifully hand-finished, with a tailor's label dated March 1943 that I picked up for ten bucks at the most 20 years ago. Although the edges of the velvet collar have begun to lose their nap, it's still the perfect outer layer for the black-tie evening.
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I found a charcoal Corneliani Super 120s suit at a thrift shop by my house a month or so back. 12 bucks, although the dumb ass people who run the place split up the coat and the pants, so it took a little searching to get it complete. $7 for the jacket, $5 for the pants. This thrift store usually doesn't have finds like these. Guess I lucked out.
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Well, not as good as your find, but I once found (and bought) a RLPL (Chester Barrie) 50 / 50 Cashmere / Silk off-white herringbone 3-button sports coat with ticket pocket that retailed for $2900 for $100, brand new at the Polo outlet in Sawgrass Mills (South Florida). The coat included the 8 sleeve buttons for the working button holes, 3 extra buttons (2 sleeve, 1 large) and extra thread. Not bad, huh? Jon.
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I've found some nice things not my size that have been passed on one way or another: Louis Boston suit w/working cuff buttons 3 piece Hickey Freeman chalk stripe suit Zegna sportcoat All the above were 'as new'. One that fit me was a recently acquired gray herringbone Hickey Freeman suit, vintage, but classic and in as new shape after a dry cleaning. I'm now wearing a cotton/cashmere blend Zegna chambray colored shirt that had to have a seam repair. And I have a great db Brooks Brothers navy blazer. Ties, oh, the ties. RLPL, Charles Hill, Robert Talbott, Gucci, Hermes, some great Brooks Brothers, etc. My holy grail is an Oxxford suit--yet to be found, but I know it's out there.
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Excellent. I'm sure you'll find that Oxxford suit someday if you keep looking.It's amazing what people cast off. I know the typical thrift store thing is to separate suit jackets and pants.After all,the jackets and pants sell separately for more than a suit.So if you find a great suitcoat,chances are you'll find the trousers on the pants rack.Anyhow,if you visit once in awhile and are willing to dig through the tons of commonplace stuff,you'll be rewarded with that gem.
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Only one of note -- a new with tags Villa Bolgheri tie in perfect condition and in a classic silk (merlot with blue and cream subtle stripes) -- $8. Not the find of the century, but it made my day.
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A custom made camel coloured suede car coat that was made in the early 70's at a Value Village thrift store 10 minutes from my home. I bought it for $25 and had to have it cleaned, but I get comments everytime I wear it. Aaron
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One of my favorite thrift stores has a ton of Oxxford suits -- unfortunately, all in 40S.  At that same store, however, I found and bought an Oxxford navy blue blazer in what appeared to be close to unworn condition for $30.
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Although not a thrift-store find, but I guess one of my better finds that I let go (I was not knowledgeble at the time) was a RL purple label navy blazer in 100% cashmere at a Polo outlet. Marked $120. I still remember what beautiful work it had.
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One of my favorite thrift stores has a ton of Oxxford suits -- unfortunately, all in 40S.
Drat. 40R here. Perhaps if I stooped a little...
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Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser,06 Jan. 2005, 12:49
One of my favorite thrift stores has a ton of Oxxford suits -- unfortunately, all in 40S.
Drat. 40R here. Perhaps if I stooped a little...
I'm a 40R also.  The main fit problem with the suits are jacket sleeves and pants inseams that are way too short.  I had the thought of buying the suits and telling everybody that they are by that hot New York designer Thom Browne . . .
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Ambulance Chaser, I wear that accursed 40S size--for how much are they selling the Oxxfords? Tom
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