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My favorite short sleeve shirt is a blue and white gingham that I picked up at Ralphs (the supermarket) about five years ago. A friend complimented it recently and thought I was bullshitting him when I told him where I got it.

If you look closely the buttons are obviously cheap plastic, and the cloth is starting to wear thin. It will probably not survive another summer.
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I'm a big fan of the plain polos from the Gap. I've had four or so for three plus years that I still wear regularly. They fit great, hold up excellently, and are completely devoid of logos and the like. I haven't been there in months and have no idea about the quality of their newer stuff, but the ones I've got are great.
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I too am a big fan of Fruit of the Loom T's.
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5 for $20 BR boxers at the outlet
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Kent Wang Pocket Squares - I always thought pocket square were way overhyped until I purchased a kent wang on purchase, now I love them and lust for more.

Old Navy T-Shirts - They always seem to have nice graphic tees without any branding, and they're so cheap, they're practically disposable. Being tagless is a big plus.
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J. Crew sales. I cleaned out their pique polos in XS last time I checked the site.
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The Hanes Fitted Beefy T in white ($8).

I bought shoe trees on this forum and they came wrapped in old tees. Turned out to be a good fit on me - much better than AA - and I ordered a half dozen.
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It's really nice on my budget, I'm a jobless teenager making money doing odd jobs (hooking and cocaine of course), so GAP works for me, the jeans are nice for the price, the material isnt thin and I've never had a problem with them, but I absolutely hate the T's and V-necks there, I will just go there for jeans and I do own a shirt from there and I love it.

I also have a Soffee brand T-shirt, it is thin , really soft , and has a good fit, it's really faded black though, I may re-dye it, but then again, its like a 5 dollar shirt haha.
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V neck cotton t-shirts from Jockey.
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american eagle western shirts. If I had the cash I'd be copping flat heads flannels/westerns left and right, but th fit on the AE's is perfect for me, especially for the price.
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I just got some of the Hanes Comfort-soft V-neck Tees from Target... I hope they shrink a decent amount and wind up being a decent tee after I wash them... Everyone I've talked to said it's one of the nicest v-neck tees for the price.
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FTL Tees they're not so f'in long as hanes.
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thanks for all the replies and opinions everyone.

i must remind myself that there are oftentimes where i can
get better clothes for a bargain price instead of immediately and instantly spending
big money on something i like.

I, too, am a fan of Gap. I used to shop at Marshall's a lot and I should check them
out soon as well.
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Originally Posted by Odd Morsel View Post
J. Crew sales. I cleaned out their pique polos in XS last time I checked the site.
J.Crew final sales have served me well. Cheap polos, OCBD, pants, etc.
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I've got this ratty-ass t-shirt that I bought from american eagle about 7-8 years ago. It fits decently well (their athletic fit cut); it used to be a black tee with "1977" screened on the upper front, but after going through the wash a gajillion times, it's a well-worn shart-brown looking color with holes in it everywhere.

It's not because of the look that I'm fond of, but rather I've worn it while playing blackjack in vegas, reno, all the socal indian casinos, etc and I've yet to lose money when wearing it (though it makes me look like a homeless scumbag while sitting at the card tables). For a $4.99 lucky shirt, it's probably netted me $10k over the years.

... It's probably my own gambling superstition, but I find I lose more often when I'm dressed nicely in expensive clothes. It appears that luck is inversely correlated to quality of dress.
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