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Uniqlo $20 Denim
Uniqlo Boxers
Uniqlo dri-fit undershirts
Uniqlo socks 4 for $13

you get the picture
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I agree about the sleeves, not for everyone, but the $ 5 made popular in the United States, I'm just saying the quality of good things; after every wash these shirts always seem to rebound to form and maintain its color.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
Uh, what? Either you're making a bad joke or you've never seen a pair of $40 STFs in person.

They are. I have two pairs from JcPenny that cost me $45 that have the selvage line on them.
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Uniqlo Heattech
Uniqlo socks
Calvin Klein white tees
Hanes boxer briefs
Uniqlo UJ deminz ($20-30)
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Penny Stock button-ups. Around 50 bucks a pop. Cool brand.
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I can't say anything else except maybe this:
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levis 511, 514, 501
kirkland t-shirts
skate shoes from whiskey militia

yes i love them all, if i were made of money, i would still wear them.
maybe not the skate shoes, but i skate in them, they get ruined, i toss em, and i love skating

idk if these are considered cheap, maybe to some of you, but i love my llbean katahdin boots too
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I recently got this chunky cotton ll bean fishermans sweater new on ebay for like 30 bucks. it's totally awesome.
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Dunlop volleys for general horsing around. They look unpretentious and damn comfortable at the same time.
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Levis 511, under armour socks.
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if i had known that uniqlo was going to stop producing their ocbd's in the original fabric they used, i'd have scooped up at least 10 of the university stripe blue ones. honestly there isn't a shirt i like more for the money and the two i have are getting unwearable due to armpit stains
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Brooks Brothers tee shirts, when on sale.  For big guys, Eddie Bauer, esp just after holidays, huge discounts, lots of tall, xxxl, etc.

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Anyone know if its possible to get Uniglo in the US? Order online? Thanks.
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