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Barneys new york

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Hi, I'm taking a trip to NYC this weekend to visit my cousin before I head off to college. I've never been to Barney's and my cousin swears by this place, and insists that we go. Sooo...I'm excited as it's supposed to be a great shop, but I don't really know what I'm getting into. What would you recommend I check out while I'm there? Keep in mind I'm 18, and often wear polos (RL Polo, Lacoste) and collared, button-ups (RL Purple Label, Paul Smith) with jeans (pretty much Levis exclusively), and either Birkenstocks or Tod's driving mocs. That will give you something to work with. Also, price is not an issue for the most part as I plan on spending several thousand dollars (I've been saving all summer and haven't bought a new piece of clothing since last fall). Another thing...does Barneys carry Levis Red Tab or just Premium? What other denim labels do they carry? And how about pieces from the Polo line? Or is it just Purple Label? Also, do you recommend any other stores for me to check out while I'm up there. I've been interesting in going to Bergdorf Goodman for some time now so that might be on the list... Thanks...
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You sound like you have excellent taste for your age - I would definitely recommend stopping at Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, also the Saks men store, Century 21, Camouflage, and of course the Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren stores. Beyond that my memory is a little hazy as I haven't been up to NY in a while, but I'm sure Steve B. and the other forum members can recommend some excellent stores. I don't know if Barney's carries Polo, but I highly doubt they carry the regular Levi's red tab.
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Check out Jeffrey, Selvedge and Marc Jacobs as well.
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Barney's is still one of the best men's store in the city. They carry a mix of higher end dress wear (Brioni and the like) as well as younger labels such as Varvatos, Helmut Lang, etc. The mens store is seperate from the women's and it can be difficult to navigate for a newbie but the salespeople are more than helpful. They also carry brands that are harder to find (Dior Homme - I've been told). They have a very large Prada selection on 2 I believe. I do not go often, but I always find it to be worthwhile because their selection tends to be different. One thing to check out is the Barneys New York House Label. Its lower priced but you may find a piece here or there to your liking. Bergs is similar, but stuffy to me. They do carry mens sportswear, but not as extensively as Barney's. While you are there you can check out Saks Fifth Avenue's 7th floor. You can find a good selection here as well, and they tend to have random markdowns. Scoop NYC may also be another store of interest. They carry a lot of the younger, hip?, collections..Sevens, Citizens of Humanity, James Perse. They are located at 3rd and 73rd. I would check out Century 21 only because this is when the selection is best. Their fall collections are just coming in and I spotted some Costume National & Mike Kors coats & even some Missoni polos. Lastly, if you have time (and extreme patience) the Barney's Warehouse sale is currently in progress. Pretty much the leftover of Spring/Summer 2003 and prior years I suspect end up here. Price points were not that good when I checked it out this past week....around 50-60% off, and I would rate the selection a C- at best. The sale isn't what it used to be. Its located on West 17th st in Chelsea between 6th and 7th avenue if you are at all interested. Tax free week begins in NYC Monday, but given your shopping tastes it will not matter as it is only valid for items $110 and under. I've ranted enough - enjoy your weekend here.
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Barney's has every brand of denim you could imagine--Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, Seven, Earl, Diesel, Levi's Red Tab, etc. In general, my favorite thing about Barneys is its inclusion of a lot of hard-to-find designers like Dries Van Noten and Lucien Pellat-Finet. Bergdorf's has actually really improved with their "younger" lines and more sporty collections.  They've got a great collection of Tailgate t-shirts which are my favorite t-shirts.  The stuff is on the 3rd floor near the Up escalator. Saks is surprisingly pretty good and pretty current with its mens collection. Also check out Camouflage, although they didn't have much stuff left when I was there over the wknd because they're in between seasons right now. Happy shopping.
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I'm not going to tell you what to do or anything, but I'll suggest you weigh the pros and cons of spending several thousand dollars on clothes, in one trip, while being 18 before you actually go ahead and do it (which maybe you already have, considering the weekend is over). Maybe your parents are wealthy and your college fund is already taken care of, or maybe you're independantly rich and have a job that'll get you through the next 5 or ten years. Otherwise, can I suggest you think (again, I'm not your mother) about using that money for your future college career (you'll need it). I'm only 20, but I'm a hell of a lot different than I was at 18 because I started living on my own and paying my own way. The experience and maturity is worth more (to me, at least) than what amounts to a shopping binge. Also, remember that buying designer clothes at full retail is somewhat similar to placing a 1oo dollar bill into a garbage disposal. To my knowledge, many of the members here agree w/me on that.
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Ken: I can see where you're coming from but you have nothing to worry about. I understand the concept of money, and I wouldn't be spending it if I needed it. And as for college, my parents are paying for very little of it as I pretty much received a full ride due to my writing talents. Also, I'm only going for my liberal arts degree as I pretty much have some amazing writing gigs in the can, and, to tell you the truth, it's all about talent in the writing world. A degree won't get you jack...also, I am going to start living on my own in two years and have plenty of money put away for this, so you have nothing to worry about my friend. Plus, this is a FULL update of my warbrobe...I've been planning this for over half a year now...and it's DEFINITELY not something I'd do all the time... Now, on to the awesome clothes I bought this weekend. Man, oh man...Barney's is such an amazing store. I bought so much stuff there: 2 Lacoste polos, 5 Original Penguin polos (the quality of this stuff really suprised me.), 2 pairs of Paper Denim jeans (thanks for the recommendation, btw), 1 pair of Diesel Kratt jeans, 3 pairs of Levi's Premium Hesher jeans, 4 beautiful, beautiful, Paul Smith button-ups, a bunch of Fila Heritage clothing (for my tennis addiction.), a button-up Richard James candy-stripe shirt (immaculate) and a Hickey Freeman suit. At Bergdorf Goodman I purchased an immaculate Brioni suit that my parents bought as my "college" present, and two button-up Brioni shirts. And then at the RL store in SoHo I bought a couple RL Purple Label button-ups, a Purple Label blazer, and some Polo polos. I also bought some suede driving mocs from Tods. As you can see, I went a bit overboard but I'm content with all of my purchases and will wear everything I purchased on a regular basis. Plus, I'd say I won't buy another piece of clothing for at least a year...I'm serious. thc: I didn't see any Red Label at Barneys...I looked...the store was a little daunting so I might've missed it... Anyway, thanks to all for the recommendations and I am so freakin' happy with my purchases. I know it may look like I'm a spoiled little brat but I haven't bought a piece of clothing since last fall, and have been working my @$$ off since about that long to earn the extra cash for this stuff. It was well-worth the work and I believe I'll be lookin' good for the college women...and myself...thanks again...
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Another thing...the salesperson said that they took their Original Penguin stuff from "Barneys Co-op" stock. What is Barneys Co-op?
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