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Is this Jacket the right size?

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Hello All,

Looking for feedback on this white jacket I have in terms of fit. I am slightly paranoid that it may look too big and goofy.

If anyone had any comment they are welcome including what else could be done to it. I did have the sleeves shortened and the shoulder area taken in a little. It's a size 51 and I am a 5,10 thin but broad shouldered.






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51 euro, I'm assuming? Yes, it looks big through the shoulders, but it's hard to tell what's really going on there. Do you have a picture of yourself wearing a jacket that you think fits well? That would help to see how far away from 'ideal' you are.
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Yes I do have a well fitting (or atleast I think so) black Hugo Boss jacket from their Orange Collection. Funnily enough I was in their store the other day and they had a white jacket on their manequin. At this point don't want to put my neck out for another one in white. I have some MTM shirts coming through in next week or so and the budget needs to cover them which is both a good and bad thought : )

See below


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According to the black, the white is ok, too.
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It looks a bit big through the shoulders and body; most noticeably in the second to last picture.
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And the sleeves on both jackets are too long.
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a buttoned picture would be really helpful. I think its hard to say otherwise but looks pretty good.
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The black jacket seems to match your shoulder slope better. I looks like you have big trap muscles (or whatever that upper back/lower neck muscle is). I think that is what is causing the white jacket to look a bit funky compared to the black.
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Looks like you have a dropped right shoulder & the jacket sleeves were tailored to different lengths. The dropped shoulder is most clear to me in the picture of the back of the white jacket. You can see the wrinkling & popped center vent caused by it. The sleeves look a little long but the fit on both the jackets is good enough for me. They don't look obviously too big or obviously too small. And they are casual jackets so there is no urgent need for a precise fit.
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The sleeves look quite full and the armholes low on the the white one (Cucinelli ?).
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Originally Posted by letmebefell View Post
And the sleeves on both jackets are too long.

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