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I realize that now, but the next time is skewed.  There doesn't seem to be any going back at this point: either I never use her again, or she volunteers.  I don't think I can start another round of bargaining sessions. My overall problem is this: I work with people of many, many nationalities, in person, by phone and by email.  Whereas I usually do fine with Europeans (I also speak French, German, understand Italian and Spanish and can get my way through a few other languages if I have to), I sometimes encounter difficulties with Asians, as I am relatively unfamiliar with the social customs of the various countries (mainly Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan).  I learn as I go, I gather information through friends and colleagues, and I would like to order a new cross-cultural study book ... on the Japanese. Anybody with a good recommendation? I have one and it is ridiculously pitiful.