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Cufflink Etiquette 2005

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Happy new Year to all. I trust you all had an enjoyable Festive Season. Last Year at this time I posted the following: I am a keen wearer of cufflinks and French cuff shirts. However there are days when it is hot and sticky when it is difficult to keep my French cuff shirtsleeves down and the cufflinks fastened. Invariably I find myself unfastening the cufflinks ,folding the links into the cuff and folding the cuffs back for comfort leaving the links in the cuff. I would be keen to know forum members views if this is OK and what other forum members do in this situation or should I remove the links from the cuff. (I Much prefer to keep them on). I would be interested to know in 2005 , the views of the newer members of this forum if some of our newer members do the same as I do or remove the links.I personally find it easier later on to simply roll the sleeves down and do the Links up. I`d be interested in your views. Cheers Stuarts8
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I leave them in, although I rarely roll up my sleeves. To me, that is the sartorial equivalent of wearing your tie loose around your neck.
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When I feel the need to roll up my sleeves (and am wearing cufflinks), I take the links from the cuff and put them into my pocket. (Not that there's anything wrong with leaving them in...)
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It depends on the link... If is a pair that I am confident will stay in while left in the cuff and rolled up, I do that... If it is a pair that I am afraid might fall out due to jostling while my sleeves are rolled up, I take them out and put them in my pocket. I don't think it really makes much difference, by the time you've rolled up your sleeves nobody is looking at your links. I just don't want to lose a pair. Bradford
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Thanks for your posts. Replies:cuffthis: What about on a hot day, Do you leave the sleeves down then? It just makes it a bit more comfortable Thats all. Johnw86: I leave mine in because its easier when you want to roll the sleeves down later and you only have to do the links up. Bradford: I agree with what you say with regard to it depending on the Link. If It is a pair I may lose then I will remove them but do prefer where possible to keep the links in the cuff when the sleeves are up. I Have only lost links once and that was when the Links were done up and one of the links fell out. I`d be interested in anyone else`s comments . Cheers Stuarts8
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