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new suit...DB, not sure what to think, help!

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Yeah so it's a bit short.  But short like Fred Astaire, or short like "Hey, you bought the wrong size suit."?   DB suits can be lengthened a bit, right?  By how much?  Worth it? Any comments about the button stance?  Seems high to me. Comments about the gorge?  Seems low to me. It's my first DB suit.  I'm a young guy, does it look affected?  Yay or nay on this suit fellas? All comments appreciated. p.s. the shoes are Testoni and the shirt Boss.
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hurmmm, those pictures are pretty dark.... going from the side view, they look like they're on the short side, but ok. but again, that might be something behind you. shoulders do look nice, though.
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I don't think it's too short, it's fashionably so, but not short to the point that you would need alterations IMO. I think the suit looks quite nice, I don't have any issues with the gorge or button stance. What is the make of the suit?
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The length seems OK to me also, although the color of the suit makes it hard to see its details. I'd think about tapering the waist, maybe, bring it in a little closer to the body.
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Length is a bit on the short side, but not enough to obsess over. The gorge is fashionably high. I'd say go with it.
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Very nice furniture. The only thing that jumped at me is that maybe the sleeves are a tad too short, by maybe .5mm to 1 cm? At least it seems so on the two pictures where you are facing the camera.
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I like short coats and it is ok for me. Nice. Just a little too long trousers and sleeves.
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Seems to be a good buy. But two suggestions. As said above, pull the waist in, just a bit. That will make it seem to be just for you. To take advantage of the short sleeves, buy shirts that go further down your arm, so 1/2 inch comes out as you stand tall. Ditto on the furniture.
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Looks good. Ditto on shortening the trousers though.
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I'm not sure if its a trick or perspective or the obfuscation of shadows, but the left sleeve appears a tad longer than the right. Overall, I'd agree it's a nice suit and a good look for you.
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I think your right arm is a little longer than your left arm. Either that, or you slouch your right shoulder a bit when standing. I would advise lengthening the right sleeve just the slightest bit so that the distance between the end of the sleeve and the gap between your fingers and thumb is the same on both sides. I only noticed this after looking carefully after Vintage Gent's comment.. I think it looks excellent. I would also like to know who made it. The gorge and button stance are excellent.
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Thank you all for your comments.  The suit is Kiton...but to my eye, isn't the most classical of styles, which is why I'm so worried (I literally lost sleep over this).  This is the first thing I've ever bought online that didn't come out as expected.     You're sure the gorge doesn't look low? This suit has been altered (for someone else) but is otherwise new.  This is how this suit fit straight out of the box; I think it fits very well.  I'll raise the left sleeve (to compensate for my right shoulder drop/longer right arm), supress the waist a bit, shorten the collar, take in the waist of the trousers and shorten the pants. I like the shape of the shoulders very much - I love the roped sleevehead.  However, this suit doesn't seem made in the classic Neapolitan style.  I don't see any drape.  Can someone please explain some features that distinguish a true Neapolitan suit from this Kiton?
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The coat covers your rear end so thats good thing. But because of your arm length, the coat looks little short to me.
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nice suit and HOT guy, imo.
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It looks good to me. Left sleeve seems a bit longer than the right otherwise it's fine.
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