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^^ yahhhhhhhh that might be delayed only because I am focusing on the show.
Sorry guys. the discounts wil be steep.
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Wolf vs. Goat Spring '11 fashion show after party info is now on the blog. Also, the event will be sponsored by Ultimat Vodka, one of the best vodkas in the world! Get excited!!!
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We are excited to announce that Mauro will be a style consultant for PRZman, your new source for all things guy-related! Follow them on FB and Twitter and you may just win a free WvG shirt!
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Congrats Mauro on the fashion show last night! The after party at JOSEPHINE was also cool!
It was nice to see you and some familiar faces. I'll see you at the next function (DC/NYC)

let get together soon - Peace.

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^^ the bags are for sale so let me know I can hook it up for you!
It was nice seeing you. Did you meet some good peeps??
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Sale starts this week for all none WvG stuff. You will be STUPID not to pick something up if its in your size. You probably can flip and make more money, lol

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If you're into bespoke suiting and master tailoring, you're going to want to check out the movie on the blog today -
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The Final sale has started. I think, if you have the time go through the site and see what's in your size. You would be STUPID not to get something. ALL RRL should be gone. The parka is the steal of the year as well as the military shirt. w+H's I have full size runs of oxfords and the wool nail head shirt which is very cool. Lots of Fred Perry. Good luck!
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just had a terrible fight with the girl so i had to grab the bedford
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I am quite tempted by the RRL red parka........
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90% down and 10% water fowl with sick construction. Your an idiot to pass that up. I am really hoping the Med and large don't sell so I can keep them. So hopefully you are a small.
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I think I am a medium. What's the sizing like on these? I am only 5'6, but have a medium build (160 lbs, 33" waist) Do you suggest medium or small? I need something super warm for the winter. This is a pretty hardcore winter jacket right?
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That mutha fucka will make an Eskimo happy! I am a 40 chest and a medium. Your seem kinda short. It might not be for you. You will end up looking like "Kenny" from south park. DONT CALL ME OR EMAIL ME IF YOUR SIZE IS OUT. I WONT KNOW WHATS LEFT TIL EVERYTHING SHIPS. IF THE SIGHT DOESNT LET YOU CHECK OUT AN ITEM, IT MEANS IT'S SOLD OUT AND THAT YOU SLEPT ON IT TO LONG ,SUCKA!
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ok, thanks for the info. Guess your medium is safe for now!
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wow pretty much everything good is sold out already. sick maroon pea coat though.
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