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was j/w but thanks douche!
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post
was j/w but thanks douche!

I do my best to help out the little people...
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Click the the "Search Thread" tab, type in "code" or "discount" and your inquiry will be answered no fewer than a couple dozen times.
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Thanks APK! thought it would be on first page
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the only way to get a discount is to buy a tote. Most stuff should be on sale anyway.

I visited the factories in NYC this week. SHirts are almost done and being ready to be dyed.

MTM suit program is going great. Had a couple lunches. Good shit.

That is all.
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Have you guys posted your pricing for MTM suits online anywhere? Also, when do you expect your next shipment of Band of Outsiders shirts?
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Click the the "Search Thread" tab...

Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
get from them. I doubt if we will continue to carry Band.

C'mon, people!
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Just in: LVC Spring Bottoms, check out the blog -
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Does any follow my thread or are we just so lazy that we forgot how to read.

MTM suits start at $775.00 and go up to $4,000.00 plus
it all depends on what you want in a suit and what kind of fabric.


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are you still carrying RRL?
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Seeing as how Mauro/Farinellis gets asked this a lot, I wish that they could put together a list of brands they still carry.

And whatever happened to the epaulet x farinelli's collab?
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uhhhh, go look at their website? shit constantly gets buried in this thread so even an official answer will only help for a page or two. maybe start a farinelli's mark II thread? let page one state the nature of the new structuring, links to blog, focus on WvG, list brands still carried, etc. kind of a farinelli's/WvG rebirth instead of having to track these 2 massive threads
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good point. We should have a made a discussion thread and business thread a while ago.

shirts are at the dye house!!!
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I just wanted to say that the WvG XS Button-ups are the best-fitting OTR shirts I've owned yet. I was kind of late getting into them, and I really regret it. I hope the measurements are going to be the same in the next run!
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they should thank you for the kind words.
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