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I tried on the Control Shirt at a Neiman Marcus a while ago. A lot of its worth is in the fabric hand.
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the fabric is "yummy" it really is the best way to describe it.

The fabric is mad expensive and when you try it on you understand why.

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Thanks for my new signature, Mauro.
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i picked up the striped control shirt from eluxury (no hard feelings Mauro, you only had black)

the fit, feel and buttons that the god damn dry cleaners won't bust make this shirt (and most r&b shirts) worth the price
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no hard feelings.

Cristian - stopping jackin off and get on those pictures.
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Hey, do you think, when you get the chance, you could post some quick measurements of the WWM Ranger Shorts? Waist, hem, inseam? Thanks a lot!
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I have to go to that restaurant where I eat Argentine beef. In the meantime... Throw this on your blog if you want: There's a spot close to my apartment called Lomit's, a German-Chilean restaurant on Avenida Providencia. The guy who first prepared a burger for me is a genius. After having thrown the mushrooms on top of the burger that was sitting on the bun, patiently waiting, he slapped the cheese around into a ball and then meticulously placed it on the top half of the bun. "Great, this guy can insulate bread with cheese", I thought. Little did I realize this burger preparing giant was creating a frictional surface to ensure the mushrooms would stay put and I must say, not a single mushroom popped out, slipped out, or was even seen from a lateral or aerial view during the feeding! Okay, bird's eye view. Anyway, There isn't a lot of meat on the sandwiches, but it's tasty, the buns are fresh and therefore very much on point, and damn are they fast to serve you. A sandwich/burger in your hand in less than five minutes makes it a great spot for a quick bite. This is not an ad. See for yourself:
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^ Holy shit. Do want.
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^Mushroom and cheese is the way to go.
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is that one called "the lohan?"
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^ only when you chase it with your finger.
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and 3 lines of coke
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nice cristian.

we will have pictures up later of the BBQ last night.

I will have a ll the shorts measurements up ASAP!
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Any word on the get together?
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Just got my BoO overdye yesterday; it is lovely, and it even stays tucked.
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