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Paycheck, the movie

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I just saw the movie, "Paycheck".  A good, fun thriller.  Another memory loss movie.  Nothing, of course, will compare with "Memento".  I give it a "B". My goodness, Ben Affleck's double cuff shirt gets a lot of wear (and exposure) in the movie.  Perhaps some of the detail oriented members (clothes detectives) of this Forum can identify the maker. Same for the suits worn by Affleck and Eckhardt.  I noticed that both wore suits with working sleeve buttons.  Affleck's suits had very narrow lapels.
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Shirts by Anto in Beverly Hills makes most of the shirts for movies made on the west coast. I do not know if they made his shirts for this movie.
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Shirtmaven, Could you tell us anything about Anto's shirtmaking service? For example, how Anto's shirts compare to Mr. Kabbaz's? Also, what are your thoughts on Geneva?
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The film was lensed in Vancouver, which means wardrobe was probably sourced here. And there's only so many places in town to get nice shirts...
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the film's shooting location usually has nothing to do with where the clothes come from. if the producers cut a deal with kiton, it won't make any difference that there is no kiton store there. watch the credits closely, they may reveal the source. btw, i thought 'memento' was a total waste of time - one more example of storytellers equating cleverness with art.
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Learydenis here are my thoughts on the three shirtmakers. Shirts by Anto: I have not seen their work in years. I sometimes supply them with fabric. I am aquainted with the owners but have never been to thier shop. I do know that they use excellent materials and trim. Many years ago they Purchased the business of Nat Wise who made many of the shirts for the rat pack. They still have all the old patterns. I have known Mike at Geneva for many years as well. It is also an excellent shirt. As I have mentioned, I have known Alex Kabbaz for many years. He puts more into the making of his shirt then anyone I know. Alex does a great job of acheiving a "perfect" fit. Of course if you happen to gain 10 pounds during the holidays, then your perfect fit is sort of lost. We all know what happens if you end up giving your shirt to a really bad commercial laundry. It doesn't matter how well it was made.
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