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Need some new ties

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Getting dressed for my work day and selecting a tie. Gosh, I need about a dozen new ties. This weekend, I am planning to go down to Union Square (San Francisco), shopping to the new ties. How does this BB select ties? I usually pick them up to feel the fabric and then squish it, and see if it comes back. Next step is the color coordination. Must be the exact correct color, so many shopping trips will be necessary for these dozen. Thanks for your help.
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I think the Wilkes after Xmas sale is currently ongoing or will be happening in the near future. I'm sure Andrew can post more details about this event. nct
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One of the nice things about this board is that it connected me to sources for beautiful ties that are priced well under what comparable ties would cost at retail -- specifically, Carlo Franco and Four-In-Hand. I have not yet tried Four-In-Hand, but today (for the first time) I am wearing a Carlo Franco seven fold (Campagna model) that I received as a Christmas gift. It is an excellent tie. The first true seven fold that I have owned. Looks great, with beautiful color and texture. Ties a great knot. I was a little hesitant at first since the feel of a seven fold is so different than a normal tie with interlining, but the result is awesome. To thumbs up to Chuck at Carlo Franco. Here is the tie that I'm wearing, BTW. Hopefully Chuck won't mind that I borrowed his image, since the way his website (Carlo Franco) is set up, I can't link directly: Regards, Montecristo
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SmartDresser, Think you need to know about the detailing on ties in order to appreciate its quality. You need to have a feel on the weight and texture of the fabric that made up the tie. Those ties made with a fuller fabric, not due to the lining, are signs of quality and it usually gives you a better finishing with the tie knots as well.
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In addition to Wilkes, I'd definitely hit up NM. They seem to always have a large selection of ties and shirts on sale.
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Next step is the color coordination.  Must be the exact correct color...
Wow, that's pressure. I'm much more casual about my tie purchases, although I generally buy on (deep, deep) sale, thrift, etc. Got my ebay Richard James in the mail today.  
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