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BCS Championship Game

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Who do you think will win tonight's BCS Championship Game and who will be the MVP?  (I am assuming that the MVP will be a member of the winning team.)  My pick is Oklahoma and the best player on the field -- Adrian Peterson.
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I think my earlier response is becoming supported regarding the 2 teams who should have played in the BCS Championship game tonight, especially after the wondeful showing from Cal....doesn't that make the USC 11-0 record look even better. GO OKLAHOMA, please don't let me down now.
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Auburn didn't exactly shine tonight, remember USC played this VT team as well and beat them 24-13, while Auburn barely survived, and the game would have went into OT if VT had kicked a FG in the red zone instead of going for it... If any team didn't deserve to be in the championship game, it was Oklahoma IMO. I think USC would have annihilated Auburn, regardless of what the score of tonight's game is. Auburn just doesn't match up well, even the VT receivers (who are much worse than those from SC) were getting separation and how would they defend against Bush? The only thing USC doesn't have is a scrambling QB but they make up for it by having a riduculously good O-line.
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If any team didn't deserve to be in the championship game, it was Oklahoma IMO....
Lest us debate this topic in the morning, if USC wins the game, I will proudly divert my feelings of who is the best team in the US...however, if the Sooners win, and win big, it will more than prove the point about the Pac-10. I do admit the Tigers of AU did not shine, they also had key players playing the other side of the ball that may have given USC a much better game if not a loss had it not been the first game of the season. Let's just discuss the rankings in the morning.
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I don't think it matters what happens tonight, if Auburn wanted to be played today, they shouldn't have scheduled the Citadel, Louisiana Monroe, and LA Tech for their non-conference games, while USC scheduled Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, BYU, and Colorado State, and Oklahoma scheduled Bowling Green, Houston, and Oregon. One other thing to remember is that Auburn played in the Music City bowl the year before, while USC won a national championship, USC was ranked #1 preseason and won all their games. There's no way they shouldn't be in the final game.
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I think that USC would beat Auburn if they met, but no way is the game a blowout.  You don't allow the fewest points per game in the country as a member of the SEC without having a really good defense.  Virginia Tech has the highest scoring offense in the ACC this year and was only able to score in garbage time when the outcome had already been decided.
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I don't think a 17 point lead is garbage time...also, VT made some pretty bad decisions IMO and they were able to move the ball fairly effectively. USC is a MUCH better than VT, they look like men among boys when they are playing even great teams IMO.
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Yes, but Auburn is much better than Cal, Stanford, and UCLA, all of whom played USC quite close. Anyways, the debate over who would win a USC-Auburn game becomes moot after Oklahoma wins tonight.  
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I don't think you can say that Auburn is much better than Cal (if at all), especially that particular night when they played USC, Rodgers didn't throw an INCOMPLETION until the final drive where he threw four times into the end zone and found noone. USC is annihilating Oklahoma, it doesn't even look like it's going to be close.
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OK is putting together a little run but Adrian Peterson is not looking good tonight, USC is not really a great defense either. Reggie Bush just put on his best Barry Sanders impression, that guy is going to be great in the NFL... OMG incredible TD pass and catch by Smith there...with the DB hanging all over him, crazy PI... Leinart 4 TDs in the first half... this could get REALLY ugly... If I were Auburn I'd be very happy that I could keep my undefeated season and not have to play the Trojans...
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OMG - Did they just boo Ashley Simpson? Good - her singing is terrible - there are many better singers in bar bands throughout the country. Bradford P.S. USC is looking good. Go Pac-10...
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BJ's Sweet Pig Pizza $15.81 Totalka Imperial Stout $3.95 Watching the #1 college football team in the country beat down the mighty Oklahoma Sooners like a bunch of little girls... Priceless
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Maybe the Sooners are color-blind...burnt orange looks faintly like maroon and gold.
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usc not only won on the field, they had a better band, better cheerleaders, and a better horse. (don't get me started on that horse.)
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usc not only won on the field, they had  better cheerleaders, and a better horse. (don't get me started on that horse.)
As tough as it is for me to admit defeat, I will say without a doubt the best representation of a championship team I have witnessed in years. Bravo to the USC Trojans for not only convincing me, but most of the Eastern half of the country their right among the greatest as #1 teams. The performance on field by the Trojans was only overshadowed by the lack of ability in the opponent they played against. Oklahoma displayed the inability to overcome adversity on the field and in their own minds. The USC team was by far a better mentally and physically prepared group of players, and performed flawlessly. Congratulation. As to the cheerleaders, Silicone Valley has found a new haven, and damn they are hot. My favorite type, Blonde, Busty, and Beautiful. The three B's, can't get any better. That horse, he's just a horse, take the golden man off, and he is still just a horse. But of course.
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