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Originally Posted by Tarmac View Post
Lots of interesting, bizarre, and perverted reactions dealing with bikinis, underage girls, face wrinkles, how to secure your penis down in your leotards, etc.

You mean, a normal day at the office in the SF Entertainment and Culture forum?

- B
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The armholes and shoulders are the worst atrocities on these suits. We could probably fit about 2 of Bob across the shoulders and 3 of his arms in the sleeves.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
I recall that the clothes Bob Costas wore in previous Olympic broadcasts looked better, fit better and were better styled. I think his Joe Abboud clothing was perhaps the best for it's day. What he has been wearing for the Bejing Olympics seems to be a mixed-mess. The color combos are especially poor.
I completely agree. I was about to start this thread myself...did anyone notice the grey pinstripe on him the other night? Not only was it ill-fitting, the stripe pattern looked terrible on camera.
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Just wanted to note that Costas has definitely upped his game for the winter Olympics.
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I think Costas has looked great during these Olympics. Tonight has been my least favorite, but otherwise very good.
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Looks like classic RL Polo to me? Looked like the weather guy had a RLPL suit on with ticket pocket? Is RL supplying the gear for everyone?
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You should toss a photo or 2 into this thread.
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BC is looking much better than he did in Bejing.
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Did anyone watch the opening ceremonies?

The Austrians were the best dressed out of all of the countries. The men and the women both had tailored blazers. Nicely done.

Oh, and I loved that the Bahamians were wearing shorts. Someone has a sense of humor
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Are they still using Canali? Every male has upped their game quite a bit. I'm looking at scott hamilton (wtf) right now and thinking his lapel roll is just right. They must have hired a wardrobe consultant that doesn't let the hosts pick the wrong size or horrible combinations.
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Originally Posted by sonlegoman View Post
Bob Costas is borderline

costas must be what, 5'2"?
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Originally Posted by Night Owl View Post
costas must be what, 5'2"?

My friend met Costas and said he was a bit shorter than her. She's about 5'7", so Costas is likely about 5'6ish". Account for differences in shoe heights as you wish. Costas is looking pretty good, but him and Collinsworth need to stop complementing each other's attire.
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I don't know who he's wearing in Rio, but his shoulders didn't look too good last night. You'd think NBC could have him tailored perfectly.
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