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How do Rogan jeans fit?

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I'm considering buying a pair online but can't decide between a size 34 or 36. Not sure if they run small, large, true to size etc. If it helps, I wear a size 34 in PDC'S and they are just about a perfect fit on me. Thanks in advance for any help.
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I've found them to run large. This is both in tagged size, and in "fit." I personally don't like them. They are a more wide-legged jean than my tastes call for. They're quite pricey, I would recommend trying them on, but if you can't, I would say order a size down (especially if you are in between sizes). Dan
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Cant help you with Rogans (I just took the plunge myself on Bluefly, which is what I think you're looking at). I think it might depend on what you consider a "perfect fit" in terms of PDC. In my case, I'm generally a 32 and can fit into a 31 in PDC, but generally it's a very very close fit that can be uncomfortable when sitting or moving. A 32 in PDC is slightly baggy on me, but still within the realms of a good fit, and is much more comfortable; I prefer some room in my jeans. That said, I got a 32 in Rogan, and I'd recommend you get a 34. I'm pretty sure Rogan does odd sizes like 33, 35 too, so I honestly don't see how a 36 would fit unless they cut on the extreme small side. If it doesn't fit, returning the jeans to the vendor shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
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If it's the original Rogan cut, then it's designed to be fairly loose, like a straight-legged version of PDC's LTD cut. If it's the narrow leg, it's a bit slimmer-fitting than a GTO. Either way, you should be OK with 34.
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Thanks again for the quick replies. Will try the 34's then.
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34's for sure. The relaxed, straightlegged silhouette is a nice change from bootcut jeans. I find that their durability really sucks though, worse even than Joie.
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