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I've been on a big Sauternes kick lately, I already had a case of 1999 d'Yquem, and added a few bottles of 1999 Rieussec ($33/costco), a case of 2001 Rieussec (from costco, $45/bottle........) and a couple bottles of 2001 Clos Haut Perauguey, anyone else like this stuff? I find it pretty drinkable while just sitting
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Too sweet for me, generally, but thanks for the tip (Costco).  I guess it could be had as an aperitif.  I like it with foie gras and a few other dishes.  Have you tried Montbasillac? PS: both Montbasillac and Sauternes make sumptuous sauces. For scallops, for example, but also for quails.
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I love dessert wines, Sauternes or otherwise. There's no better way, IMO, to top off a great dinner party than with a half-glass of Sauternes or other sweet white wine (port is good too, but that's a whole other story). These are not the nasty el-cheapo sweet reislings or "white" zinfandels one finds at your supermarket.... These are thick and silky on the palate and often taste of apricot -- very tasty. Bonny Doon (Napa) makes a great dessert white (an icewine, I think) that's reasonably priced, called Vin de Glacerie (or Glaciere?) -- about $18 for a 1/2 bottle. I'm not sure what grapes it's made from -- chardonnay perhaps. I'm a big fan of German BA's, TBA's and icewines (and US icewines too) -- some of the sweetest of these wines can age for 30+ years. I'm currently very slowly working my way through a case of 1992 late harvest (sweet) chardonnay from the Macon region of Burgundy -- I found these on close-out at Wide World of Wines in DC for about $15/bottle. I've got a smattering of 1996, 1997, 1999 and 2001 Sauternes, but I don't drink it much and what I have I'm letting age a bit more.
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Interesting that you should call Sauternes a dessert wine.  How do you drink it, when, with what (if anything)? If you get a chance, try to find a Chateau d'Yquem. I once tasted a 96: honey, citrus, apricot, vanilla. Pure yellow gold. The same bottle was still very good two days later.
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I'd like to tell you about my D'Yquem experience. In the mid 60s I was visiting a college friend in NY. He was pissed at his father for some reason. He had also made a copy of the key to the old man's wine closet using the bar of soap technique. Out came a bottle of '28 D'Yquem. Some apples, cheese, and an empty bottle later I had a wine experience I've yet to top. And that's not for a lack of trying.
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I think Sauternes is a bit acidic to be a true dessert wine like a tokaji, but it's the same type of wine, I'm going to try to pick up some 2001 d'Yquem, as 2001 is supposed to be the best vintage for Sauternes in decades. 15 years later these should be some badass wines. I have some nice icewines from Austria that should be drinking pretty well right now, I may crack one open. I do really like Sauternes with foie gras.
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Vengeance would have been perhaps even more satisfying if you had had, say, duck escalopes with orange powder or better yet, a ginger lamb tajine. I want to say "good going.", but I have a son too, and a cellar whose key I thought preserved it from being raided. But I have a few years before I have to start worrying.
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I have some nice icewines from Austria that should be drinking pretty well right now, I may crack one open.  
Such a violent expression. Please do be gentle with your bottles.
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Another one that is fairly inexpensive right now that is quite good is 2001 Les Cypres de Climens, right now about $30/bottle...
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Is that the "second" bottling of Climens?
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Yes, it's the second bottle of Chateau Climens, regular 2001 Climens is going for about $150 a bottle so Cypres is not a bad deal for $29. Personally I've been all over 1999 Rieussec at $33 at Costco.com though, IMO it's better than many of the 2001 vintages, although it isn't quite as good as the 2001 (which is one of the best Sauternes I've ever tasted, close to the 1988 d'Yquem, which is something considering that the 2001 is so young, it'll be a monster in 10 years)
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