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yes you can subscribe to british gg or any of the other uk mags i believe british gq is you will find, however, that it is cheaper to buy it on the newstand as the shipping costs make it more expensive and if you're in canada, it's actually cheaper, the price is usually US$8.95 and usually CAN$8.95 or $9.95 and with exchange, it's cheaper in canada - odd men's health does a decent job of fashion 101 but really it's middle america blahness with the occasional foresight into something elegant but really not anything fashion inspiring to me and with art cooper, it's never really been confirmed as to what happened but he had already let go of the reigns several months ago by mutual agreement and a successor had already been named a month prior to his death so to say he was fired just a few days prior to his death i think would be inaccurate
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US GQ is awful. UK GQ is much better. Esquire is ok. Anyone out there remember "M" magazine? A magazine from the early 1990s catering to grown-ups filled with beautiful, classic clothes and timeless style. Pity that there aren't more grown ups interested in beautiful, classic clothes and timeless style. If there were, we'd have more M and less Maxim. Kai
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Anyone out there remember "M" magazine?
M was a great magazine. I believe it was actually published by the same people who do W. Like W, they would have several pages of society people at society events every month. I used to read it in the mid to late 80's - my high school and college years. Had one copy that I kept for many years that listed the top 50 American Icons (or something like that) in fashion and culture. I'm thinking I eventually sold that copy to a used bookstore, but I'd have to go through my magazine collection to be sure. Bradford P.S. My current favorite style magazines are Men's Health (with a very nice tribute to the late Art Cooper in the current issue) and Vanity Fair, which while not really a fashion magazine has more style in one issue than an entire year of Maxim, FHM and Stuff combined.
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I picked up the last issue of GQ, and don't find it that terrible. But while there is more fashion coverage than usual, and of the type that appeals to me more than Glenn O'Brien's discussions of Fred Astaire (Fred Astaire...), the fashion editors will need to get some people out there trawling the streets and clubs if they are going to get even within shouting distance of its Conde Nast Bedfellow, Details. I mean, I understand that the typical USA GQ reader is pretty conservative, but people have been wearing hoodies under suits for a while already, and the pinstriped jacket with jeans and a beat up pair of Chuck Taylors is so ubiquitous that it has nearly become a cliché. And GQ is going to have to learn the new game fast too.
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hey, i just leafed thru the new GQ at barnes and noble, over a cafe mocha. actually, it was pretty damned good....i was surprised, given the new staff/ editor. in particular, a really good question answered about flowers in lapels (complete with picture of the flower-loop), a lengthy article on packing, and a good section on striped shirts. the suit jacket and jeans (one worn with 'hoodie') was not quite my style, but other than that i liked what i saw. as for the fall preview of esquire, i thought the best part was the advertisements. didn't think the rest was much worth the printer's ink.
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I thought you guys might be interested in this article from the NYT (log-in required).
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Although Mr. Nelson has essentially been running GQ for five months, the September issue is the first one to reflect his very different ambitions for the magazine. Advertisers and advertising buyers have yet to inspect his re-interpretation, but most agree that it was time to give GQ a good hard shake.
- New York Times Hear, hear. After reading some of the articles this morning (previously, I'd only skimmed the articles and went straight to the fashion pages,) I take back my previous assertion that the magazine can't compete with details. It is clearly meant for a different readership - definitely more middle American, a little older and/or less pop-culture savvy than the average Details reader, but more literate than the readership of a FHM or Maxim. The fashion pages reflect this as well. Good for you Mr. Nelson. Show us what you've got. As for Johnny Nashville - I guy sounds like he has ADD, but you've got to admit that he has pretty distinctive style, if nothing else.
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Which issue is the current one? The US GQ currently on stands over here actually isn't bad at all - there's a suit pictorial featuring Andre 3000 from Outkast, wearing some pretty avant-garde gear - even Gaultier gets a look-in, as Dre sports one of his patchwork peak-lapel suits... The articles I just skimmed. Meh.
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Hermes is right about the UK FHM...very nice. I am beginning to feel better about Esquire than I am about GQ, and Esquire doesn't tout themselves as a "fashion magazine" The new GQ is more similar to a women's magazine (advertisement, advertisement, advertisement, and then if we can squeeze it in, fashion and an article or two). Not cool. Art is turning in his grave, I'm sure.
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Briefly flipped through the Johnny Knoxville GQ, and I have to say the magazine has an energy now it hasn't had since I started reading it (off and on over the past two years). The fashion is more up to date, and the layout is crisper and more dynamic. The writing is pretty good too. However, I don't think the old GQ was anything particularly worth mourning. Again, I haven't read the magazine that often, but its writing wasn't worth writing home about (and only started to regain its luster when Michael Paterniti joined last year); the magazine had a real homophobic vibe to it; and the fashion selections was uninspiring and sometimes all over the place, even when they aimed towards 'classic'. Definitely a case of publishing schizophrenia. Esquire's fashion picks aren't particularly exciting either, but at least its style is consistent. And its writing is still some of the most top-notch of any mainstream magazine. For up to date fashion, I agree that Details, Arena Homme and the Brit mags are the way to go.
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